WWE: Thumbs Up--For Now

Last week's draft got me to do something I haven't done in a long time, watch Smackdown. I was curious to see how having both champions was going to affect the B-brand. Edge and HHH gave really good promos to open Smackdown this past Friday.

SD! also seems to be trying to step up the women's division to TNA levels. While TNA's women's division starts to flounder but I digress. Anyway with the new top members of SD! I am looking forward to an Edge/HHH/Jeff Hardy storyline. If done right it could be the proverbial license to print money.

I didn't watch the Night of Champions PPV because I'm cheap and I don't have the time. However I was mildly surprised by the results. Matt Hard retained the US Championship while being moved to ECW. I'm curious to see how they handle that but not curious enough to watch ECW.

I like that they took the Intercontinental title off of Chris Jericho since he has a huge feud with Shawn Michaels going on right now. The problem is I really don't see Kofi Kingston as a suitable replacement but it's nice to see the WWE giving a push to some of the younger guys. Keeping the WWE title on HHH was a no brainer but the surprise of the night was Edge retaining the World Championship. I was so sure they were going to give the title to Batista so they could move it to RAW but for once the WWE made me look forward to Monday Night for once.

Which brings us to last night. Last night's RAW was definitely a roller coaster ride of a show which is what wrestling is supposed to be. How awesome was it that C.M. Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank title shot while Edge was on RAW for the night?

Not only did it bring the world title back to RAW but it also put the belt on one of the most underrated wrestlers on WWE TV today. Then imagine my horror when JBL was the first person to challenge Punk for the title. At that point I thought C.M Punk
had become the new Tommy Rich.

Then during the Punk/JBL match I was never more happy to see John Cena in my life. (Yep, I'm a Cena hater.) But that didn't guarantee that Punk would retain the belt. Luckily the WWE made the right decision, in my opinion, by keeping the belt on Punk. Now I'll be tuning in to see how long they let him keep it.

Thumbs up for now WWE. Just don't screw it up.

by Trench Reynolds
image: Trench Network
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