John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: Three Video Denials

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Two and Half Famous Denials - On Video

* Gary Hart Denies Donna Rice
* Bill Clinton Denies Monica Lewinsky
* John Edwards Almost Denies Rielle Hunter

Three politicians, two presidential contenders, one president and three affairs: we thought we'd present these videos of their denials for readers to compare.

First, Gary Hart making the case that the National Enquirer's pictures of model, Donna Rice, sitting on his knee was a publicity shoot.

Next, Bill Clinton denying sex with Monica Lewinsky--before the National Enquirer produced the stained blue dress.

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Lastly, John Edwards is finally asked by a reporter--albeit, timidly--about the Rielle Hunter affair in LA, when the National Enquirer's reporter caught him leaving the tryst.

The similarities of the video denials?

All were politicians; all were involved in extra-marital affairs; all were tortured, in one way or another, by the National Enquirer.

The difference in the three videos--other than the facial expressions during the denial (or near-denial in Edwards' case; he stops himself in mid-sentence and switches to attacking the Enquirer instead)?

The first two occurred when the Mainstream press fulfilled its adversarial duties. In the case of Clinton, it had to be dragged grudgingly to the labor.

Readers can make up their own minds by watching the videos.

To paraphrase Roger Simon of Pajamas Media: It's good to remember that these are politicians and politicians lie.

It's the nature of the beast. It's what they do. The job of the press is not to suppress the news: it's to report it and let readers/viewers sift the facts.

Much of the press needs to relearn that lesson from Journalism 101.

by Mondoreb & LBG
coompax-digital magazine