John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: Thirty Quotes to Watch a Coming Media Circus By

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“Women shouldn’t have to raise children on their own.”
--John Edwards, NPC June 2006

"30 Love Child Scandal Quotes" --taken from the December portion of the scandal.

Taken from a 2006 John Edwards speech at the NPC:

“… And, as I mentioned earlier, we would create opportunities for young fathers to work and take responsibility for their children, and reward them for doing so…

“All of us — parents, clergy, teachers, public officials — we need to say that it is wrong when young men father children but don’t support them.

“It is wrong when girls and young women bear children they aren’t ready to care for.”

--John Edwards, Natl. Press Club Speech June 22, 2006,
hat tip: Former CNN Watcher

40 DBKP stories and growing:


* “In one America, children grow up in a warm, supportive home environment with two loving parents.

“In the other America, illegitimacy and broken homes and absent fathers are the norm.”
--John Edwards

* “Is it too early to consider Elizabeth and Rielle as ‘The Two Americas’?”
--attributed to Gawker

* "There are two America's: one with Mrs. Edwards and the other with his mistress?"
--Rantburg: Oops! Cross Edwards Off Obama's VP List

* “Two Americas–one that wears condoms, the other that doesn’t."
--John Edwards: Looking for Rielle Hunter’s Baby News, VP Love, After Obama Endorsement

* "Talk about your Two Americas … or it it two faces John Edwards?"
--Scared Monkeys: NATIONAL ENQUIRER: John Edwards Caught Visiting Mistress (Rielle Hunter) & Secret Love Child … Two Americas … Baby Daddy?

* "I guess this is the “Two Americas” John Edwards is always jabbering about. You know, one sick with cancer at home and the other naked and waiting at the Ho-tel."
--Macranger, Mac's Mind: John Edwards Caught with Mistress

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* "For God's sakes, a presidential candidate and current vice presidential contender is not exactly difficult to track. You could follow him around just by sniffing the wind for the hazelnut-and-rose scent of his personalized unisex body spray."
--Ace, Ace of Spades HQ: National Enquirer Edwards Reporter on How He Scooped the Entire MSM -- "It was easy"

* "If one is to believe the National Enquirer and the right-wing blogosphere which jumped on this story like a stud horse on a mare, Edwards was trysting with Rielle Hunter Monday night at the Beverly Hilton."
--Howard Gensler, Philadelphia Inquirer: Tattle: 'Enquirer' links John Edwards, Rielle Hunter

* "You know what's "funny" about John Edwards getting busted (pretty damn convincingly) by the National Enquirer while meeting his mistress and love child in a Los Angeles hotel? Edwards' cover story was that he was in LA to meet with the city's mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa — and Villaraigosa, like John Edwards, cheated on his wife right after a primary election! And also, wouldn't you know it, Villaraigosa's wife Corina was battling thyroid cancer at the time, sort of like how Elizabeth Edwards is now battling breast cancer. Isn't that... awful? Yes, yes it is. But also it's part of a long trend among certain American political candidates to ditch their sick wives. In fact, you might remember this disturbing behavior from such examples as: the current presumptive Republican nominee for president!"
--Ryan Tate, Gawker: Cheating On Your Sick Wife An Old Political Tradition

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* “I think if when the baby is born its first words are not “Wahhhhhhhhh” but “I’m gonna sue” that would be good evidence of Edwards’ involvement.”
–Classical Values - The Life of Rielle

* “I think that, as you point out, there have been American presidents that at least according to the … stories we’ve all heard, that were not faithful, that were in fact good presidents. So I don’t think it controls the issue.”
–John Edwards, asked by Katie Couric on CBS Evening News about infidelity

* "I don't know what you're--none. I don't...none. I, I don't, I don't talk about these, uh..tabloids trash. I don't talk about these things. I'm here to talk about helping people."
--Edwards, responding to questions about the events at the Beverly Hilton by Houston reporter July 23, 2008.

* "Yet Silky Pony has been considered a leading candidate for the hollow Obamessiah's VP, so the MSM is obediently silent.
The silver lining to the absurd and potentially catastrophic Obama campaign: when it's finally over, no one will ever take the establishment media seriously again."
----Van Helsing, Right Wing News: Rielle Hunter Blackout
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