MSM Obsessed with Recession: Shumer Relieved

by Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

"Listen to me, dammit!"

As we head closer to the election, Democrat's efforts to talk down the economy have intensified. Obama declared Saturday "there is little doubt we've moved into recession."

Memo to Obama: For the record, a recession is defined as two quarters with negative growth. We haven't even had one quarter with negative growth so - its official. We Are Not In A Recession.

Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) took the campaign to downplay the economy a step further. Federal regulators claim comments and a publicly released letter from Sen. Schumer, raising concerns about Indy Mac Bank's solvency, caused depositors to withdraw more than $1.3 billion from their accounts. Which resulted in it being seized by federal regulators, in one of the largest bank failures in US history. Thanks, Chuckie. Next step: Blame Bush.

Big news you may have missed. The Iranian missile tests that pushed up the price of oil last week were faked. A fake photo released by Sepah News (Iranian News) turned up on the front pages of LA Times, BBC, NY Times,..well, you get the idea. Turns out the pictures were fauxtography. Oops.
Iranian missile test - faked pohoto


There was so much positive news out of Iraq last week (unreported by the old media) that I don't have enough space for all of it. I write about it in my new column 'We Won.'

More bad news for the New York Times as their stock hit a 10-year low last week after another downgrade. I'm smiling.

In case you haven't yet heard, the earth is not melting. The journal Science published a seventeen year study of Greenland's ice sheet that flatly contradicts all such hysterical claims. Space and Science goes further showing that the earth's cycle of global warming has ended and the earth has entered into a period of global cooling.

A proposed law in Fremont, Nebraska aims to make illegal immigrants, well, illegal. The left is outraged. Yawn.

Unless a judge intervenes, South Carolina (my adopted state) will begin issuing faith based license plates. Apropos of nothing, a federal judge has thrown out former California congressman Gary Condit's defamation lawsuit against Dominick Dunne. Remember Chandra Levy?


Democrats are standing firm on keeping Americans from drilling for oil, which we have in abundance. This, despite a Pew research poll which shows fully half of all Americans now support drilling - up from 42% five months ago.

Congress tucked $277.9 million worth of pork into the appropriations bill it passed before leaving for the fourth of July holiday. That's a 122% increase over last year's bill. California has made it mandatory for cars to be labelled with 'global warming scores'. Rasmussen reports that congressional approval ratings are now in the single digits - for the first time ever. Just so.


The Green Party has picked Cynthia McKinney as their presidential pick for 2008. Dog meat has been taken off the menus in China in preparation for the Olympics.

Barbara Walters celebrated the fourth of July with Syrian dictator Assad. She described this anti-American tyrant as charming and intelligent. Random House is set to release a nasty, fictionalized Laura Bush book and the Seattle Opera has decided to designate Friday nights as lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender nights. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has decided to 'expand' gay marriages. Lovely.

More good news for gays as McDonald's takes up the rhetoric of gay activists, suggesting that anyone that opposes same-sex marriage is motivated by hate. Next thing you know, Ronald will be coming out of the closet. No more Big Macs for me.

Speaking of food, world leaders at the G8 summit dined on a six-course lunch, followed by an eight-course dinner as they gathered to address how to address world hunger. Snack on that.


Plans in Britain to clear undergrowth from a gay sex spot have been branded as discriminating against gays and British toddlers who turn up their nose at spicy food from overseas could be branded racist by a government agency. A British airport has advertised for an air traffic controller. All applicants are offered an application pack in braille.

The American Medical Association is issuing a formal apology for past racial discrimination. Mea culpa. No cure yet found for the newly discovered syndrome of brown nosing.


According to a new study, the last quarter century has seen a dramatic increase in the frequency of sex among the 70 year-old set.

Scientists in Argentina are strapping plastic bags on cows in order to better understand the effect of cow flatulence on global warming.

Play Stations, new kitchens and art classes are part of Saudi Arabia's soft, squishy approach to rehabilitating terrorists. Barack Obama graces the cover of Rolling Stone, for the second time. Looks like the new messiah is now also a rock star. Sigh. A computer system called Polaris outperformed some of the world's top poker players at a human-vs-machine competition in Las Vegas.

Check out trailer for the movie environmentalists don't want you to see. 'Not Evil, Just Wrong.'

Amazing photos


We have another tie this week. I can't figure out which guy is stupider: Representative Edward Markey (D-Mass.) who told high school seniors that climate change had caused Hurricane Katrina and the conflict in Darfur or:

L.F. Eason III, a 29-year veteran of the state Department of Agriculture who quit his job rather than fly the N. Carolina flag at half mast to honor Jesse Helms.

Or maybe the surfer dude in New Smyrna beach in Florida, who knowingly surfs in the shark-bite capital of the world. So many idiots, so little space.

Till next Monday, keep smiling,

by Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

This column is dedicated to Tony Snow. A good man.

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