Debunking Larry Sinclair Part II - The Limo Driver

Debunking Larry Sinclair
Part 2: The Limo Driver

Larry limo driver

[NOTE: In Part I of Debunking Larry Sinclair: Sinclair Allegations Based on Time Travel, DBKP looked at "why" Sinclair claimed he made the decision to "come forth" with his allegations against Senator Obama. Part II looks at Sinclair's story: "how" he allegedly met the then-State Representative in November of 1999.]

We've decided to focus primarily on the "chief witness", the man Sinclair claims was a "personal friend" of Obama's, who fears "coming forward", that he and his family will face the "wrath of Obama": the purported limo driver.

The driver actually "drives" Sinclair's story, as Sinclair has made him into a pivotal character. This man--who allegedly was a "personal" friend of Obama's and who arranged an "introduction" between the two--had the birds-eye view of the alleged tryst involving illicit sex and illegal drugs. The driver has become the mysterious "witness" who has yet to "come forth" to corroborate Sinclair's claims.

We've based our observations on information supplied by Sinclair himself, from interviews he's given on talk shows and Sinclair's blog's, and

"I had no idea he (Obama) was in politics. I was introduced to Senator Obama by my limo driver who I had on an earlier occasion."
-- Jeff Rense Show - Jan. 23, 2008

Sinclair's first talk show interview occurred six days after he posted his original video on Youtube. It was during this interview on the Jeff Rense Show that Sinclair began to "flesh out" his story: we first learned, according to Sinclair, the limo driver was a "personal friend" of Obama, who also "introduced" Sinclair to the then-Illinois State Representative.

Sinclair also named the limo service:

"When I was referring to my limo, I was referring to a limousine service out of Chicago area, which is Five Star Limousine service."

Five Star Limo is no longer in business. According to the site, CyberDrive Illinois, the company was dissolved 9-01-2000. The owner is listed as Rashpal Multani. This info is posted on Sinclair's site,

"I had hired the limo for three nights during that trip."
-- Jim Sumpter Show - 2-18-08

Sinclair claimed he was in Chicago to attend the graduation of a godson at a local Naval Academy. Sinclair stated on the Jim Sumpter Show that he had the "same" limo driver "on all three occasions" during his visit to Chicago:

"I had the same limo driver on all three occasions (nights). I had already informed the service, as well as the driver, that I wanted him to be the driver on Saturday."
--Jim Sumpter Show

The night before Sinclair "met" Obama, Sinclair claimed he hired the limo service in order to squire around guests-- the godson and relatives from the Naval graduation.

"I took out ... the graduate and some of his friends along with his aunt and his grandmother, the day of the graduation which was the 5th of November. I had intended... I actually extended my stay in Chicago, which the Choice Hotels confirmed the extension of my reservation there. I had extended my stay by two days."
--Jim Sumpter Show

During an earlier interview on the Jeff Rense Show on January 23, Sinclair stated a different version of how many limo drivers he had:

"I had told the driver about the incident, the incident before, when I had hired the company to take me out with my godson that I was going to spend another night out, that I wanted to meet people around Chicago. I wanted to know something about Chicago."
-- Jeff Rense Show - Jan. 23, 2008

The "Introduction"

Sinclair continually refined the story of his introduction in various interviews.

"The limo driver had called him (Obama) and told him to meet us there. Like I said, when we got there and the driver opened the door, that's when the driver had introduced Obama to me."
--Jeff Rense Show - Jan. 23, 2008

"The way I understand it from the introduction, and from my conversation with the driver, was that he was introducing me to a friend of his. He was not introducing me to someone of power, he was introducing me to a personal friend of his."
--Jeff Rense Show - Jan 23, 2008

"I was introduced to Mr. Obama when I got out of the limo.. by the driver. Apparently they were friends."
--Jeff Rense Show - Jan. 23, 2008

"As for as what motivated him (limo driver) to introduce me to Barack, that's something you're going to have to ask him and I assure you that in the very near future, people will be able to ask the driver."
--KTLK Talk Radio

"When I get down to Rush Street, the limo stops, the driver opens the rear door on the driver's side and as he opens the door, I notice there's a gentleman standing next to him and I'm introduced to him as Barack Obama."
--The Jim Sumpter Show

Sinclair claimed that he and Obama met at an "upscale lounge" where the two had drinks and a casual conversation that led to drugs and sex in the back of Sinclair's rented limo. Sinclair also claimed he couldn't remember the name of the lounge:

"I really can't and I'll tell you why: I can't because I'm almost 90% sure I remember the name but I can't be 100% sure and I'm waiting on some credit card statements from Citigroup on my credit card that was used in the club so when I do give the club's name, I give the correct name."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair has yet to produce any credit card statements.

Sinclair also stated that he had been to the same club the previous evening:

Jim Sumpter: This is a homosexual bar?

Sinclair: "No, it's not! It's just a lounge that we had gone to the night before, that I had actually enjoyed... it was quiet... the service was great, it was something the night before that everyone had enjoyed. It was something that I felt comfortable drinking in."
--Jim Sumpter Show

Sinclair couldn't "remember" the name of the lounge, but was able to recall the "bar" in the limo and what brands of liquor it was stocked with:

"I carry Absolut everywhere I go. Anytime I'm in a limo I have to have Absolut or Grey Goose. There was a bottle of Crown Royal and a bottle of Chevas Regal as well."
--Jeff Rense Show

The "casual conversation" that allegedly led to drugs and sex:

"We went in, we had drinks, it was a casual conversation. I had told why I was in the Chicago area, what I was doing there. There was some conversations regarding what I did for a living, which were not so legal at the time."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair claimed he had mentioned that he needed something to "wake up". It was then that Obama made a "phone call":

"I could use a couple of lines to wakeup. (to Obama) I had been extremely tired. I had only flown in after being on the road for 4 days prior to flying in Chicago and he had made the comment to me if I was referring to coke. And I told him I was. And when I told him that what I was referring to, Senator Obama had stated to me that he could get it for me. At that time he made a phone call."

--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair also claimed that he had discussed his "waking up" problem with the limo driver during a previous conversation:

"That's when I made very clear at the time that the driver was in fact a personal friend because the driver knew from the previous engagement that I had with him that I wanted to get something to "wake up from"."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair claimed he and and Obama left the lounge and got into the limo where Obama "instructed" the driver on where to allegedly drive to, to purchase the illegal drugs, crack and powder cocaine:

"After he made the phone call, we left, we got in the limo, Senator Obama was the one who instructed the driver where we were going."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair claimed he spoke to the limo driver while Obama was out making a drug "buy":

"After he (Obama) made the phone call, we left, we got in the limo, Senator Obama was the one who instructed the driver where we were going. I'm going to say maybe at the most, 30 minutes of driving we stopped. Mr. Obama tells me he'll be right back, he gets out, in less than five minutes he's back in the car. I was speaking to the driver, the privacy window was down at that time."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair claimed the limo driver "drove" around while Sinclair and Obama had an alleged sexual encounter and coke party in the back:

"We were driving around the entire time. We were driving around the entire time because when the sex act ended our clothes were back on, I had a drink in my hand, he had a drink in his hand."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair claimed he and Obama were "drunk" during the limo ride:

"We were drunk, we were in the back of a limo where it was dark."
--The Right Perspective Interview - Feb 8, 2008

Sinclair claimed he was "shocked" when Obama allegedly pulled out a crack pipe and cocaine:

"In the course of performing the sex act, Senator Obama actually asks for my lighter. So when I get up to give him my lighter, it's at that time that I see the other packet of crack cocaine and the glass cylinder that he's putting it in. I had no idea that he had it. I didn't even know that he used it."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair was "shocked" even though Sinclair had allegedly snorted powder cocaine from a cd holder on Obama's knee and had put a "move" on the Senator:

"He (Obama) gets back in the car, he hands me the packet, I have a CD case from a CD that I had put in the limo with me. I take the CD case, I pour some out on the CD case and make three lines on it. I kneel down into the floorboard of the limo and rest the CD case on Senator Obama's left leg and with a rolled up dollar bill I do a line. I make the approach on Senator Obama, a sexual gesture, by rubbing up his leg into his crotch area."
--Jeff Rense Show

On the Right Perspective, Sinclair goes into graphic detail about the alleged encounter between him and Obama:

“I will be willing to say that I could give you the size of his genitals you know, within a half inch. And I can definitely tell you cut, uncut, ummm, I was asked if I noticed any birth marks, I told them flat out I’m not gonna lie and tell you he did simply because we were drunk. I was in the back of a limo, it was dark, I can (unintelligible) enough that if he drops his pants I’m going to be proven right.”

Sinclair claimed he lost his baseball cap during the drive:

"I even stood up through the moon roof of the limo and lost my baseball cap that had been given to me by a friend that, had I lost it, would have killed me. I had the driver actually pull over and I got out of the limo and ran down the freeway to pick up the hat."
--Jeff Rense Show

Sinclair once again claims the driver was a "good friend" of Obama's:

"At the end of the evening... the driver told me that it would be easier for him to go ahead and drop me off at the hotel and that he could take Barack back to his car. So I said fine, I had no problem with it, they were friends, they knew each other."
--Jeff Rense Show

On the Jim Sumpter Show, Sinclair claimed it was both Obama and the limo driver who "suggested" Sinclair should be dropped off at his hotel in Gurnee, Illinois:

"The driver and Barack both had suggested that it was more convenient for them to drop me off at the hotel and the driver would take Barack back to his car."
--Jim Sumpter Show

Sinclair claimed he "signed the necessary paperwork", yet he hasn't provided any copies of the credit card receipt:

"We go back to the hotel, I sign the necessary paperwork with the driver, I say goodnight."
--Jim Sumpter Show

Sinclair, at first, claimed the limo driver was "willing to come forward" to corroborate Sinclair's allegations:

"The limo driver is willing to come forward, but only if it [Sinclair's story] "gets out there" because he is a personal friend of Obama's. He is scared to death that if he comes forward before it "gets out", Obama and Axelrod will "shut him up"."
--The Right Perspective

Once again, Sinclair claims the driver is a "personal friend" of Obama's, yet Sinclair also claims the driver fears retribution from his "good friend" Barack Obama once he, the driver, "comes forward". Sinclair claims the limo driver and "his family" fear for their safety from "Obama":

"The driver will come forward but he's not going to put him and his family on the line for something the media is constantly shoving under the carpet."

Sinclair slips up during an interview

The talk show host on the Right Perspective points out that if the limo driver is a "good" friend of Obama's, Obama would already know how to locate him:

Host: You said the limo driver is a good friend of Obama, so Obama knows where the limo driver is.

Sinclair: I bet you he's trying his damnest to remember which friend of his.. I don't think Obama will find him. Not this fast."
--The Right Perspective

Why would Sinclair be so sure that Obama wouldn't be able to "find" the driver?

Sinclair's original allegations were posted on Youtube, January 23, 2008. Two months later, Sinclair claimed the "name" of the limo driver was provided to "legal counsel", and that he, Sinclair, refused to "divulge" the name of the driver on the Internet:

"To make clear, the identity of the limo driver has been provided to legal counsel and will be disclosed through the court case. So any further claims that I have never disclosed this information even to my Attorney are in fact untrue." - March 20-2008

Yet, on the comment line of Sinclair's original Youtube video, Sinclair posted the name, P. Multani, as the limo driver in a comment. The comment line has since been removed by Sinclair. We were not the only ones who noted the comment and Sinclair's naming of the limo driver.

On March 26, a long time supporter of Sinclair's, Citizen Wells, posted a inquiry on his blog, Citizen Wells, addressing the "name" of the limo driver:

One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the past he has helped illegal aliens. There was a Paramjit Singh Multani, from India, in this country illegally and he was in Chicago around the time of the alleged limousine encounter. Is Larry Sinclair using information he had about an illegal alien and Barack Obama’s schedule to fabricate this story or is this story real.?
Citizen Wells

Citizen Wells once again addresses the P. Multani issue on his blog on April 7:

Sinclair has stated in the past that he helped illegal aliens. He also stated that the name of the limo driver is P Multani. An illegal alien by the name of Paramjit Singh Multani was in this country illegally and a hearing was set for him in Chicago in 2000. This is near the time of the alleged encounter between Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama. Some one commented on this blog several days ago and pointed out that a Paramjit Singh Multani is a licensed taxi driver in Maryland. They provided a link to the site. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

Wells posts a response from Sinclair:

“Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair”

Sinclair posts a further comment:

“ADDED BY LARRY:I believe I included a comment that this was an example of people putting other peoples names out there with no facts to back it up. I can state that no I did not help this individual enter the US nor did I ever state he was my limo driver or that he worked for five star. I will tell you flat out this is not the driver.”

Sinclair held a press conference at the National Press Club on June 18 where he "revealed" the limo driver's "name"--five full months after Sinclair's allegations were first posted on Youtube:

From Sinclair's press release statement:

"On November 6, 1999 after picking me up at the Hotel in Gurnee-and this is significant-Paramjit Multani used his cellphone to make a call. That call was made to then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama to set up an introduction between me and Senator Obama."

Sinclair claimed this was the first time he revealed the name of the limo driver:

On November 6, 1999, I asked the limo driver--whose name I now reveal for the first time--Paramjit Multani....

At the conclusion of his press statement, Sinclair challenges participants to "corroborate" his evidence and to find the limo driver:

"It is for others to find the corroborating evidence of my story by locating the limo driver -Parajmit Multani."

Later, after releasing his press statement, Sinclair claimed on his website,, the limo driver's name released in his press conference, Parajmit Multani, was a "typo" and that the actual name was not Parajmit, but Jagir.

** Typo Correction ** Limo Driver's name is JAGIR P MULTANI

Strange, to say the least--as Sinclair had claimed he was in contact with the driver--that he couldn't remember the correct first name.

To date, the driver--Sinclair's chief witness, the one person who could supposedly corroborate his allegations--has not been "officially" located.

On his blog, Sinclair has directed supporters to search for info on detractors--Sinclair is famous for posting personal info such as names, home addresses, tax records, places of employment, children's names, ect., on his site-yet, there's not one single instance where he's asked his supporters to help find the limo driver.
--Hat tip: Glix

Almost every part of Larry Sinclair's story about the limo driver has changed: the more Sinclair has "refined" his tale, the more confusing it has become for those interested, like Larry, in the "truth".

* Sinclair claimed the driver was a "personal" and "good friend" of Obama's, but that if the driver "came forward", Obama would "shut him down".

* Sinclair has alluded that the limo driver was scared to come forward, because then, Obama would be able find him to harm him or his family. But, if the limo driver were a "personal friend" of Obama's, Obama would already know where to find him, as the host of the Right Perspective quickly pointed out back in February. The limo driver was able to locate Obama--somewhat easily, it would seem--in 1999 to buy some coke for a stranger, Larry Sinclair.

At least, according to Sinclair's own words.

* Larry claimed that he had the same limo driver all three nights. Then, he claimed that he didn't.

* Sinclair claimed the driver and Obama told him that it would be "more convenient" to drop Sinclair off at the hotel in Gurnee first. Earlier, he claimed that this was the limo driver's idea.

* Sinclair claimed he was releasing the name of the driver, Parajmit Multani, "for the first time" at his press conference in June--even though he posted it on his Youtube comment thread back in January. Even though he specifically told Citizen Wells in April that Parajmit Multani "was not the name of the driver". Sinclair then claimed the Parajmit Multani name was a typo, that the "correct" name was "Jagir" P. Multani.

* Finally, after claiming that he was in "contact with the limo driver", he said it was up to others to locate this shifting, mysterious being.

In a curious fashion note, Sinclair claimed that after visiting the "upscale" lounge with Obama for drinks and chit chat, he lost his baseball cap when he stood up through the sun roof of the limo.

To date, Sinclair's chief witness, the limo driver, has yet to "come forward". Sinclair now claims it's up to "others" to "find" the driver. Sinclair, who first claimed he was in contact with the driver, named Parajmit Multani in his press release--even though he emphatically told Citizen Wells that this "was not the name of the driver". Finally, Sinclair claimed that "Parajmit" was a typo: the driver's real first name now was "Jagir".

Lastly, why has Sinclair never once asked his supporters on his website to help "search" for the limo driver--even though he's asked numerous times for help in "exposing" detractors' IP and home addresses, and places of employment?

To those who might say this is nit-picking, we say: Larry Sinclair can remember minute details--such as the liquor in the limo and astreet name (Rush) when it suits him. His story is a collection of such details--all designed to give the story believability. When these details change--once, twice or more--logically, shouldn't this detract from the story's believability?

Some details are important to Sinclair's story: either he had the same driver for all three nights or he didn't; either he released the limo driver's name at his press conference for the first time or he didn't; either the limo driver was a "close personal friend of Obama's" or he wasn't; either Sinclair's story is true or it isn't.

All we have to go on is Larry's own words--and, as any reader can see, they are contradictory and confusing words.

Sinclair's sole remaining "proof" is his purported stay at the Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois, covered in Part III by DBKP.

notes by Mondoreb

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Source - Jeff Rense Show
Source - Jim SumpterShow
Source - The Right Perspective
Source - KTLK 2-18-08

ALSO at Part 1 Debunking Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Allegations Based on Time Travel
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