Larry Sinclair: Website Account Suspended

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While finishing up research on the second part of DBKP's 3-part Larry Sinclair Debunked, LBG attempted to access Sinclair's latest website,

The above pic is a screenshot of what she found.

Why has Sinclair's account been suspended? The stock Larry-Answer will be, "It's a plot by Obama to shut me up!" We don't know about all that, but suspect it's something much more mundane.

One guess hazarded by someone who also found the site: "Larry probably tried to pay for it with a fake credit card!" We don't know about all that either.

Just another twist and turn in a twisted story.

by Mondoreb
image: dbkp

We will say that Part 2 of Larry Sinclair Debunked will go up later this evening and Part 3 will follow Monday (if it's finished, Tuesday, if not.)

Part one came out Friday:
Debunking Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Allegations Based on Time Travel.
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