John Edwards VP Chances: Updates, More Love Child News

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Later this evening, a DBKP Exclusive!

"The Enquirer is reporting that Edwards was caught visiting his mistress and child a few days ago at a Beverly Hills hotel. The article is devastating for any hopes of Edwards being named V.P. The big bad trial lawyer was confronted and responded by allegedly locking himself in the bathroom. Could you imagine how he would have handled an attack from Iran?

I can’t wait to see how the media pick up on this. The media virtually ignored this story months ago. I guess you would have to give them a pass if this isn’t covered tonight on the news since all of their resources are being spent following the Messiah on the European swing of his Give Me Shelter tour.

Looks like John Edwards just went from the short list to the sh*t list."

--Eric G, Philly Burbs: John Edwards is busted

Our last two updates, plus, DBKP will be publishing an Exclusive: An insider's look at the John Edwards Love Child Scandal later this evening.

UPDATE: DBKP has learned that "one major news network" is reportedly "ready to go" with a report on the Edwards' hotel meeting with the National Enquirer's reporters and photographers. The Enquirer reportedly had a team of seven reporters at the Beverly Hilton when Edwards arrived.

Will just one mainstream media reporter ask Edwards what he was doing at the hotel in the early AM? Does any MSM reporter have the balls to risk having his access to ask softball questions of Edwards cut off?

We'll see.

UPDATE #2 at 16:17 EDT: The L.A. Times Blogs has the Love Child up "National Enquirer alleges John Edwards affair; blogosphere readies salt shaker". A little leg work would be enough to have the "alleges" removed from their headline.

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway: John Edwards - Rielle Hunter Scandal Back:

"This is the National Enquirer we’re talking about here, not the Washington Post. Then again, as Byron York points out, “the Rush Limbaugh oxycontin story was broken by the Enquirer, and the press ran with that one.” Indeed, the Enquirer breaks legitimate scandals all the time. But they run with all manner of nonsense too — they just don’t care so long as they sell papers."

It might be mentioned that the "all manner of nonsense" doesn't refer to their record in breaking political scandals, which is pretty solid.


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We're working on our Exclusive Story, set to be published later this evening. It is a revealing look at the inside of the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter investigation. It's (tentatively scheduled to be published between 7-8 pm EDT.

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