Missing Feet in Canada: One Foot's Owner Identified

State of Washington Tries to Help
By Supplying Footless Body List

The Case Of The Missing Feet

DBKP has reported on several occasions on feet that tend to wash up on the shores of British Columbia.

About 5 right feet have washed on British Columbia shores. So many, that beachcombers who do not find a dead person's foot while strolling are pissed. Pranksters are jumping in now to fuel the frenzy.

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The Canadian Police initially reported that the feet belonged to some fellows who crashed in a plane. Then it was a sunken boat. Since they had DNA from all the immediate family members of those lost on the fight, which was real, unlike the boating mishap, the authorities could not explain why there was no match.

But we at DBKP managed to figure it out. We set our panel of experts on it, forensic scientists all, and they came back 7 minutes later and said there was no match because the DNA doesn't match. The findings did not put the DBKP staff at ease.

But now a discovery: one of the feet has been matched with a missing person.

Police identify one 'mystery foot' owner

Global TV reported Friday that RCMP had identified one of the five severed feet as belonging to a depressed man who was missing. RCMP Cpl. Pierre LeMaitre said police had ruled out foul play. Police planned to talk to the man's family Friday. More information may be released next week.

So one of the feet belongs to a missing person. Our condolences to the family.

But can anyone explain why all the feet have not already been compared with all missing persons? This is not even hard.

How many size 12 foot missing persons are there?

Who runs the RMCP?

Homer Simpson?"

Well, Americans seem ever-willing to help out the Mounties. Washington State, in the same article has decided to assist by providing footless bodies--something it apparently has a surplus of.

From the same article:

A Washington state coroner said Friday that he wants to work with the B.C. Coroners Service to see if there's a connection between footless skeletal remains discovered in the San Juan Islands and the mysterious feet that have washed ashore in southwest B.C.

San Juan County coroner Randall Gaylord said a body was discovered by a hiker on Orcas Island in the San Juan archipelago in March 2007. The body did not have a right arm, right hand, left hand or any feet.

There you have it. A Canadian-American law enforcement partnership.

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