Christians Under Sharia Law: Forced Conversions, Beatings, Rape

Kidnappings, Rape, Forced Conversions:
The Depravity Of Islam

The disturbing and bizarre practices of Islam are hardly reported in the Western press. The Western Media, using equivocation, purposeful omission, and harboring an unvoiced premise that all cultures are superior to white, Western civilization, readily ignores the antics of Muslims behaving as themselves. One of the areas routinely passed over is the sexual depravity of Islam.

To cite one recent example:


A Christian father in Pakistan is in a legal battle with kidnappers for the custody of his pre-teen daughters, who allegedly have been forced to convert to Islam.

Yesterday a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ordered further investigation into the kidnapping of Saba Younis, 12, and Aneela Younis, 10, who went missing on June 26 in the small town of Chowk Munda. The kidnappers filed for custody of the girls at the local police house on June 28, stating that the sisters had converted to Islam and their father no longer had jurisdiction over them.

When the father of the two girls, Younis Masih, was summoned to the police house to testify, police initially refused to file a case against the kidnappers – Muhammed Arif, Abjad Ali, taxi driver Muhammed Asraf and an unidentified fourth man – who are known to belong to a powerful human trafficking ring. Instead, human rights activists told Compass News, Masih was told to “remain silent,” as the officers said the girls had embraced Islam in a written statement.

The kidnapping, marriage and rape of Christian girls is, apparently, all the rage in Islamic countries. The girls are often sold to their new husbands. Sometimes they are picked out. In the vast majority of cases the authorities refuse to act because they agree with the underlying philosophy of wiping out Christianity by forced conversion.

“I’m trying to contact the District Police Officer about the registration of the criminal case,” said Tahir. “They have not yet registered the case. It is the duty of the DPO to register the case, but he’s failing to perform his duty, so I’m trying to contact him or else I’ll take it to the high court.”

Pakistan is by no means alone in this horrendous practice. It is equally common in Egypt and The Sudan. Unlike Pakistan and The Sudan, where Sharia Law reigns and hence the kidnapping and rape of Christians is no crime, Egypt theoretically has laws that protect all citizens.

But not in practice.

And, just as it recently legalized Female Genital Mutilation, it has also started to embrace other bizarre and cruel Islamic practices.

Christians protest kidnapping, forced conversion

-Wife of Coptic priest allegedly taken by Muslim extremists in Egypt

Over 3,000 Coptic demonstrators gathered yesterday and today in Cairo, el-Minia, el-Behara and Assiut provinces to protest what they say is the abduction and forced conversion to Islam of Wafaa Constantine Messiha, the wife of a Coptic priest based in Egypt. Demonstrators charged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been indifferent to Coptic pleas for protection from Muslim-led persecution, and called on the U.S. to immediately intervene.

Recent crimes cited by the demonstrators include an increased rate of kidnapping, rapes and forced conversion of young Coptic women."

[at left: Kidnapped 10 days before her wedding]

Egypt has made a business out of kidnapping Coptic Christian girls. If a boy in school sees an attractive girl he decides should be one of his wives, he has a gang kidnap her for a fee. The gangs operate with impunity, secure in the knowledge that the government tacitly approves--often performing the service for government officials.

The girl is beaten, drugged, starved, and tortured into conversion. The happy nuptial then takes place in the room in which she is held. He rapes the girl repeatedly to consummate the " marriage". There is every intention to impregnate the girl, no matter her age.

The girl is then held in the family home as a prisoner for months, with the women of the home--particularly the boy's mother--assisting in the subjugation.

Many are never seen again by their families.

An idiosyncrasy of law and custom work to ensure compliance. Legally, a Christian cannot be guardian over a Muslim, so the kidnappers raise the defense that the girl's family has no say in her whereabouts. The authorities then are stymied and refuse to accept the complaint of the victim's family.

As for custom, Coptics, like Muslims, put great emphasis on the virginity of a bride. Indeed, some Coptics even practice the Egyptian Muslim form of Female Genitali Mutilation--the most severe form--which results in the vagina being sewn closed. This forces some girls into submissiveness because of shame. They have no idea that their families are anxiously searching for them.

No one is immune.

Gaza Christian Kidnapped Forced To Marry A Muslim

Christian university professor in Gaza was kidnapped, forced to marry a Muslim professor at the same university and now her family is being told she wants no contact with them unless they convert to Islam.

Sana al-Sayegh, head of the Science and Technology Department at Gaza City's Palestine International University, disappeared June 24, according to Palestinian Authority officials and the woman's family. Five days later, she contacted her family to say she was being held against her will so she could be married to a Muslim man.

"Returning to Christianity is a crime worthy of death in many Muslim societies. The kidnapping, rape, "marriage" and "conversion" of Christian girls and women is a common occurrence in some predominantly Muslim countries."

So much for the authorities.

The Western mind has difficulty even understanding the lack of love between spouses in Islamic marriages. The degree of misogyny is beyond the comprehension of many in the West. Beyond extreme, it manifests itself to such a degree the Western Press for the most part assumes that the common practice must be anomalous.

It is not. It is the norm.


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