Obama Enemies List: Smear, Inc. vs, fightthesmears.com

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Obama fightsthesmears with smears.

The more candidates call for "CHANGE!", the more they stay the same.

Barack Obama--who has repackaged failed liberal ideas in a shiny rhetorical package, sold it to the young and historically-ignorant, and parlayed it into the Democrat presidential nomination--has used his FightTheSmears.com campaign website to publish an Enemies List.

By tagging conservative activists as part of a "smear", Obama has re-defined the word to mean "those who do not agree with you". Obama's site doesn't say that the activities the activists are engaged in are illegal , immoral (to anyone other than rabid liberals) or untrue--it just implies it.

In short, a smear by fightthesmears.

Dubbed "Smear Inc.", the list is composed of several people who are involved in conservative causes. The list was titled "Behind the Smears".

Obama's Enemies List: SMEAR INC.

David Bossie

His Crime?

Bossie runs Citizens United, has paired with Floyd Brown for years. Bossie and Brown harassed the Clintons throughout Bill Clinton's administration, with even George H.W. Bush calling his behavior in the 1992 presidential election (which included harassing the family of a recent suicide victim) "filthy campaign tactics." After writing a 2000 book about Al Gore that went little-noticed, in 2004, Brown and Floyd Bossie, working as the group Citizens United, made a movie called Celsius 41.11 and ran television ads attacking John Kerry.

Floyd Brown

His Crime? Brown is "the leader of the National Campaign Fund, the Legacy Committee, Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous America and the Policy Issues Institute, once bragged he was part of the "the heart and soul of the right-wing conspiracy," and has a history of surfacing every four years to make right-wing attacks against Democrats in presidential elections. Most infamously, Brown was responsible for the 1988 "Willie Horton" ad against Michael Dukakis."

Bob Perry

Perry's crime? He "is one of the biggest Republican donors in the country and was the main financier of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004, giving $4.5 million. The ads produced by the Swift Boat effort were so disingenuous that John McCain himself denounced them as “dishonest and dishonorable.”"

Craig Shirley

His crime?

Shirley, who runs Stop-Him-Now.com, was a McCain campaign consultant and endorser until the campaign was faced with the possible illegal arrangement. Shirley, another member of the team that produced the Willie Horton ads in 1988, harassed the Clinton administration for years, staging the press conference where Paula Jones was introduced.

At DBKP.com: Smear, Inc: Obama Enemy List Published on FighttheSmears.com

Others making the Obama honor roll are:

"Bruce Hawkins, the Executive Director of the National Campaign Fund, has been involved in Republican campaigns for 20 years."

The website says that "Hawkins was disbarred by the State of Washington" for a business-gone-bad (our words).

James Lacy is the treasurer and general counsel of the National Campaign Fund. He was the treasurer for the Legacy Committee; is the contact for the Policy Issues Institute; and is the treasurer for Citizens for a Safe and Prosperous America. Lacy is a "long-time conservative activist" and a "soldier in the conservative movement for many, many years." Lacy, who served as a lawyer for the Minutemen, once said he was "willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the Minuteman Project."

So this is change?

This is "fighting the smears"?

Sounds like there's a need for a website to fight the smears put out by "fightthesmears.com". WARNING: From the looks of this post, it'll be a more-than-a-full-time job.

Barack Obama: just another politician with both a gift of gab and hypocrisy.

At least Nixon waited until he was actually elected before compiling an enemies list.

by Mondoreb
Source: Behind the Smears
image: fight the smears.com
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