Science Fair Projects: Unlikely Winners

Pixelaneous #49

Remember the good old Science Fair?

Testing what kind of seeds birds like the best and how long a battery will run a flashlight?

The following are science fair projects that, while interesting, are not likely to take home the top prize.

Projects courtesy of Something

And 3 projects with titles Not Safe for Work:

NSFW Science Fair Projects


* 48 - Summer Thunderstorm: Before and After Pictures
* 47 - The Crazy World of Egg Stacking
* 46 - Meaning of NASCAR Flags
* 45 - Big Muskie: The Biggest Machine to Ever Walk the Earth
* 44 - Hell's Belles: All-Female AC/DC Tribute Band
* 43 - Machine Gun Shoot at Cheyenne Wells, CO!
* Pixelaneous #41:
Ouch! Some Painful Moments

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Things change.

Included in that change are likely to be the projects of the local school's Science Fair.

by Mondoreb
hat tip: Scott and Vickie
* Something
coompax-digital magazine