Illegal Immigration: When Sanctuary Cities Go Bad

The proponents of illegal immigration, of whom John McCain and Barack Obama are but two, stand logic on its head. Wanting to enforce the laws makes one a "racist" or "xenophobe"--or in the words of John McCain, "stupid".

This week's Blogs4Borders' blogburst video report features some detective work: who's committing violence, The Minutemen or illegal aliens?

Of course, illegal aliens are the newest members of the Democrat victim class. Naturally, they claim they're victims. Let's look at some facts.

This week's report includes:

* Who are the violent ones? The SPLC insists that the Minutemen are a powderkeg of violence, but who is committing political violence?

* The Rule of Law? When sanctuary cities go bad!

* 100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders, when will the madness end?

To those who lobby for the gutting of laws, facts are of little consequence.

by Mondoreb
Source: Blogs4Borders 070708
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