Trench Reynolds: DBKP This Week in Crime, vol. 25

July 20-July 26, 2008

Trench Reynolds

I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.

This is DBKP's This Week in Crime for July 20th-July 26th, 2008.

This week at craigscrimelist I posted a story about how proponents of the so called 'victimless crime' harassed a man who was actually trying to clean up craigslist.

I think the DBKP readers might get a kick from a link I posted at about some Barack Obama supporters.

Things are still slow at News of Doom except for one story I posted about yet another woman who had her baby cut from her womb.

A story from MyCrimeSpace that DBKP readers may also find interesting is the latest legal wrangling in the upcoming trial of Lori Drew.

At TheTrenchcoat Chronicles I posted about the most recent shooting to take place at a college campus. Even during the summer this still happens.

And lastly at Bad Breeders, I know I mentioned it last week but the blogging continues about the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony. Especially with the weird things that her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, keeps saying to the press.

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That's it for this week. I'm Trench Reynolds for DBKP.

Remember that the evil you brew, is waiting outside to be paid by you.

by Trench Reynolds
image: Trench Network
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