Seattle Green Lake Spikes Mystery Solved

"I'm sorry. It was us."
--Seattle Parks Department spokesman, Dewey Potter on how sharpened steel spikes got into the Green Lake

The mystery of spikes in the pond [Spate of Hidden Sharpened Spikes Found in Lake, Parks] in Seattle has been solved.

The Seattle Parks Department put them there.

The mystery was solved with a quote reminiscent of Oliver Hazard Perry ("We have met the enemy and they are ours.") or Walt Kelly's Pogo ("We have met the enemy and it's us.").

Monday, a spokesman for the Seattle Parks Dept., Dewey Potter, said, "I'm sorry it was us."

The Parks Department says they were placed in the lake more than 20 years ago to hold down plastic sheeting in an attempt to control water plants.

The metal stakes originally had curved tops that rusted off, leaving sharp points.

Not exactly "alls well that ends well", but close enough.

The spikes that were found in various parks in the Netherlands, embedded in hidden pits?

Still no explanation on that.

by Mondoreb
image: Seattle Times - Sharpened Spikes at Green Lake
* Seattle parks department responsible for spikes in lake
* Spikes in Seattle pond not malicious
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