Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady to March Topless in July 4 Parade-Video 3

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Video #3: Jennifer Skates Around Ashland, OR (1:25 minutes long)
NOTE: Through about half of this video, the cameraman is taking footage of the sidewalk of Ashland.

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Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the “Pastie Lady” or “Earth Friend Jen”, when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she’s known as “The Naked Lady” and will march topless in the town’s Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged “The Environmental Exhibitionist” by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

Apparently, the cameraman was so moved by the persuasiveness of Moss, that he forgot to shoot her skating--for about half of the above video.

by Mondoreb

Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady to March Topless in July 4 Parade-Video 2

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NSFW video
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Video #2: Jennifer Hugs and Kisses a Tree (1:14 minutes long)

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Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the “Pastie Lady” or “Earth Friend Jen”, when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she’s known as “The Naked Lady” and will march topless in the town’s Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged “The Exhibitionist Environmentalist” by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

by Mondoreb

Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady to March Topless in July 4 Parade-Video 1

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Video 1: Jennifer likes to skate around (30 seconds).

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Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the “Pastie Lady” or “Earth Friend Jen”, when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she’s known as “The Naked Lady” and will march topless in the town’s Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged “The Exhibitionist Environmentalist” by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

G-string: does the “g” stands for “Good golly, Miss Molly”?

by Mondoreb
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Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady to March Topless in July 4 Parade-Photo 2

Not Safe for Work


"I am wearing a hemp g-string. The real American fabric of our lives!"

--Jennifer Moss, formerly the "Pastie Lady", now known as "The Naked Lady"

Click on image to enlarge

Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the “Pastie Lady” or “Earth Friend Jen”, when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she’s known as “The Naked Lady” and will march topless in the town’s Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged “The Exhibitionist Environmentalist” by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

G-string: does the "g" stands for "Good golly, Miss Molly"?

by Mondoreb
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Jennifer Moss: Naked Lady or Pastie Lady Photo 1

NSFW photo
Not safe for work


Click on image to enlarge

Jennifer Moss, formerly known as the "Pastie Lady" or "Earth Friend Jen", when she pedaled the streets of Ojai, CA, rolled north to Ashland, OR. Now, she's known as "The Naked Lady" and will march topless in the town's Fourth of July parade.

Moss, pictured above, is wearing a hemp g-string. Tagged "The Exhibitionist Environmentalist" by DBKP, she claims that she wears her skimpy outfits to call attention to environmental issues.

Makes one want to run out and hug a tree.

by Mondoreb
* curvyjen

Alien Video: Man Claims He Has Peeping Tom Alien

One man claims aliens have been stalking him, even resorting to "peeping" in his windows. Stan Romanek says he caught an alien peeping tom pervert on video while an expert claims the "shot" is "real".

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Jerry Hoffman, a veteran film editor, has tested the film and found that the shot was "originally recorded on that tape".

The origin of the video is from one Stan Romanek, who purportedly wanted to catch a "peeping tom" in 2003 when he lived in Nebraska. It seems that this wasn't Romanek's "first" encounter of the "Third Kind". You see, Stan seems to be one of those people who "attract" UFO's.

According to Stan's internet site, Stan's first encounter occurred in 2000 where Stan caught a glimpse of a UFO hovering near Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater. Stan claims that in 2001 he and his girlfriend were followed by a UFO through two and a half states on a road trip, Romanek's first incident of "alien" stalking. Nineteen days later Stan saw another UFO after a customer spotted one hovering over his retail store.

Stan also reported that he had mysterious marks on his body after the retail sighting and that a mere ten days later the aliens were back stalking him once again, when pesky extraterrestials used a spotlight to illuminate his van.

In 2005 Stan says he and wife encountered mysterious orbs who, upon being photographed, revealed faces.

In 2007 while Stan was walking to a rented RV he spied his pesky alien stalkers hanging out in the sky above him.

Now Stan has a documentary which purportedly shows the video we've posted above. Stan claims the "Stan Romanek case" is the "most scientifically documented human/extraterrestrial encounters in the world". Stan also claims he's had "well over 100 unique experiences" including being abducted.

We posted the video of the purported "peeping tom" alien above. As for Stan and his stalking aliens, luckily for him they seem content to merely stalk and peep in his windows while his "abduction" seems to have been short term as Stan is still here on planet Earth.

Stan hasn't reported any alien "home invasion" attempts, aliens stealing his mail, or trampling his tulips. Alien stalking hasn't been addressed by any type of Federal statutes. It would take a ruling by the InterGalactic Courts, some sort of Space and Time Continuum Restraining Order to address Stan's claims of alleged stalking and abduction by the aliens. After all, there's two sides to every story, and until the aliens have their chance to address Stan's charges, we'd rather err on the side of "innocent until proven guilty".

You never know, the aliens may have their own "video" footage of Stan.


Image - Wonder Stories

Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

Nanny State: Squeezing the Zest for Life out of Britain

Nanny State Only Has a Zest for Bossing People Around

The primary goal of the Nanny State appears to be to make life so uncomfortable and colorless for the citizens, that they fail to understand how uncomfortable life has become. For example,

Living in Britain is now more dangerous than the Balkans

"You are more likely to be assaulted, robbed and burgled in Britain than in the region of southeast Europe once synonymous with war and gangsters, according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime."

So the Police are applying themselves to the protection of society, right? 


5.7% of  rapists get convicted. Why?  Because the wonderful Police of Britains have decided that it is not a serious crime. Women are more casual about sex, you see. 

Or so the authorities opine.

"After Linda Davies reported to police that her 15-year-old daughter had been raped, it took three months -- plus two dozen phone calls and a threat of legal action -- before police questioned the suspect, a 28-year-old neighbor. " 

And note, we are not talking about consensual or statutory rape here. 

The Brits have reacted vigorously to the increasingly dangerous society they have created. They have disarmed their citizens so as to not provoke the criminals.The streets of Britain are now crowded with gangs of drunken yobs that are slowly turning UK cities into something out of Clockwork Orange. Travelers are warned not to look at anyone and not to leave your hotel after 11:00 PM. Stay out of Muslim neighborhoods.

So How Does Britain Respond?:

Brave grandma arrested after standing up to yobs

"After months of being taunted by a gang of yobs, grandmother Diane Bond finally stood up to them when she was abused while walking her pet dog. During a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse, the frail 64-year-old prodded the teenager ringleader gently in the stomach when he urged her to "Hit me, if you dare".

Moments later, the 5ft 1ins pensioner found herself flat on her back and nursing a broken arm after the 15-year-old boy, who was 7 inches taller, pushed her to the ground. But to add insult to injury, police officers arrested her for assaulting a child after his mother moaned he had been attacked."

But the vigilance of the UK police does not end there. Not by any means.

Motorist told  England's flag could be racist!

"Mr Smith, who works for G Plan Upholsterers on Hampton Park West, said: "He saw the flag and said it was racist towards immigrants and if I refused to take it down I would get a £30 fine.

"I laughed because I thought he was joking, but then I realised he was serious so I had to take it down straight away. I thought it was silly - it's my country and I want to show my support for my country."

Silly boy. 

This is not your country. It is a Nanny State, run by petty tyrant's with no concern for the outdated concept of individual rights. 

And to ensure the Police actually have something important to do, new laws are created everyday.

Coloured cigarette packets to be banned

Hence forth all cigarette packages will be same black and white print. No colored cigarette packages for the Brits.

You see, in Britain, individuality and color kills.

by pat

* Living in Britain More Dangerous than the Balkans

Spanking Kids Okay According to Minnesota Supreme Court

Good news for parents who fear being locked up for swatting their kids: the Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled it's okay to spank.

The Court ruled on the issue after a man used a paddle to "spank" his 12-year-old son who weighed 195 pounds. The boy ran away after his father paddled him 36 times. It was then that the local county court stepped in and ruled the boy and his younger brother needed protective services.

The state Appeals Court reversed the county court's ruling and found the spanking, based on the boy's weight and age, was not "cruel or excessive". It also found that the county court's ruling, that the home was a "dangerous environment" was, according to the Star Tribune, "premised on the erroneous finding of abuse".

It was then that the Hennepin County District Court decided to appeal the decision of the Court of the Appeals, essentially using tax payer funds to continue to argue their ruling, that any type of corporal punishment such as paddling or spanking, was child abuse and should stand.

Frankly we're surprised the Supreme Court and Appeals Court ruled in favor of the father because of the current climate of political correctness. But then we did some research. So far no state has made spanking your kids illegal but those who use excessive force and beat their children in the "guise" of spanking can and should be charged with child abuse.

If the Minnesota Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the County Court, that any type of corporal or physical punishment is considered child abuse and punishable by law, it would be have been a "first" in the United States.

Conservative Protestant Spanking Machines

One group, Religious Tolerance.Org, believes the main culprits behind spanking children are conservative Protestants. According to the Religious Tolerance people it's the Bible that's to blame, that the Book of Proverbs advocates spanking. They also claim that spanking has a "sexual" connotation which allows them to label parents who spank as sexual deviants.

Those who claim spanking is child abuse are quick to label "spanking" as "beating" a child. This denotes a proclivity to believe that all parents who spank are "heavy-handed" and are unable to decipher the difference between sufficient swats and using excessive force.

There also a type of snobbery practised by those who don't "spank" their children. This excerpt from James Kimmel, Ph.d., denotes a man who believes his children, because he never spanked them, have grown into adults who are "more caring of others, including their children, than most of their comptemporaries". (Those who were spanked by their parents)

As a psychologist who specialized in working with emotionally disturbed
children, and as a person who has a special fondness for children, it is
extremely troublesome to me that punishment, both physical and otherwise, is an
intrinsic part of child rearing in the United States. None of my three children,
now adults, were ever punished. Just as people who state, "I was spanked and
punished and I turned out OK," my children are able to say, "I was never spanked
or punished and I turned out OK." And based on the kind of people they are as
adults, I would agree that, not only did they turn out OK, but they are much
more caring of others, including their children, than most of their
contemporaries. They do not, of course, punish their children.

Of course we'd have to take Kimmel's word on whether his children turned out to be such "spankless saints". In our lives we've crossed paths with "unspanked" kids, and from our own experiences some of them were unkind, uncaring, weaselly misfits.

As for the Minnesota Spanking Court case this won't be the last time someone, somewhere in authority will try to push through anti-spanking statutes. There will always be those who believe swatting a toddler on the butt for going to close to a busy street is "endangering" the child's welfare. We believe that swat on the butt, or behavior modification, might just pop up in the toddler's mind the next time they're tempted to toddle too close to the street. We also believe that toddler will eventually grow into an adult who will be kind and caring as much or more than his non-spanked Pamper and Huggie counterparts.

Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page.

Sign Congressional Petition to Suspend Federal Taxes on Gasoline

Sign Rep. Eric Cantor's Petition Against High Gas Prices!
A Gas Tax Holiday

Quick Quiz:
What do these three things have in common?
A four-leaf clover, a winning lottery ticket and a US Congressman who's in touch with economic reality.

Give up?

Name three things that are rarely encountered. We're not sure about the probability of the first two, but

Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) is organizing a protest against high gas prices.

But, unlike those economically-illiterates who normally inhabit Congress, Cantor is aiming for an achievable target: the federal taxes on a gallon of gasoline. More specifically, he wants them eliminated--at least for awhile. And he wants your help signing a petition to send to Congress.

From Congressman Eric Cantor:

It's no surprise that the outrageous gas prices are hurting American families and have become the single biggest obstacle to economic prosperity.  Oil priced at $120 a barrel and gas that costs $3.50 - $4.00 a gallon is killing our economy.  We feel it at every turn, be it at the pump or when we shop for groceries.  Americans need relief from the high price of gas and it's Congress' duty to act immediately to reduce the pain at the pump.  That is why I am recommending you sign a petition that will tell Congress to act now to reduce the cost of gasoline and enact some commonsense energy legislation.  You can sign the petition at

I invite you to join us in urging Congre ss and President Bush to pass legislation that will suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax this summer--June 21st through September 20th, 2008. 

Rasmussen Polling Reports found that of the Americans making less than $20,000 a year, 62% favor a gas tax holiday.  Clearly those people who have the least to give to the government in taxes need our help; a gas tax holiday is one small way the government can help.  Sign here to send a message to Congress and President Bush to suspend the federal and diesel gas tax this summer. 

It is critical that we tell Congress that America needs a break from high gas prices, and this petition is one way to do it.  Please join us and sign this petition to tell Congress to Cut the Gas Tax!

Cut the Gas Tax!

Clink on the link above and sign the petition.

It will do more for lowering the price of gasoline than all the Congressional Hearing browbeating the oil companies put together.

by Mondoreb
* thumbjig
* Rep. Eric Cantor

DBKP Road TRip to New River Gorge - part 2

-- (continued)
DBKP Road Trip #1: New River Gorge


US Route 19 carries traffic across the New River Gorge Bridge

An easy 20-minute drive south on 19 and we came to the New River Gorge, "The Grand Canyon of the East".

The New River Gorge Bridge is a steel-arch bridge, in Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA. With a length of 3030 feet (924 m), it was for many years the longest in the world of that type. Its arch extends 1700 feet (518 m). Part of U.S. Highway 19, it is crossed by an average of 17,000 motor vehicles per day. Its construction marked the completion of "Corridor L".

The New River Gorge Bridge carries U.S. Highway 19 over the New River and the CSX railroad at a height of 876 feet (267 m), making it the highest vehicular bridge in the Americas, and the second-highest in the world. (Before the 2004 opening of the Millau Viaduct in France, it was the highest in the world.

Scene from the edge of the New River Gorge

Every October, Bridge Day is held and thrill-seekers come from all over the world to--jump off the bridge?

The bridge is the centerpiece of Fayette County's "Bridge Day," during which the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic. Until recently, the bridge was half-open, with two way traffic. Security concerns have prompted the closing of the entire span to vehicles during the festival. This festival includes demonstrations of rappelling, ascending & BASE jumping, and is held every October on the third Saturday. Bungee jumping has been banned from Bridge Day since an accident in 1993. The bridge is within the New River Gorge National River and the National Park Service operates a visitor center at the northern end of the bridge with scenic overlooks and a staircase that partially descends into the gorge.

NEXT STOP: Gauley Bridge, WV

After snapping a ton of pictures, we headed down WV 16 to Gauley Bridge, where the Gauley and New Rivers merge to create the Kanawha River--which empties into the Ohio at Pt. Pleasant WV.

The best spots for taking pictures were, unfortunately, off-limits when we arrived at Gauley Bridge, due to road construction.

COLD water doesn't slow down when fortified with adult beverages

The picture above is the Gauley River, right before it joins the New River.

Even the wildlife was laid back

One interesting item was the rocks jutting upwards out of the river to form a small island, which was adorned with three crosses: the work of evangelist Bernard Coffindaffer, who died in 1993.

The Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer, a businessman turned evangelist who spent a fortune building trios of crosses beside roads in 29 states and two other countries, died Friday at his home here. He was 68.

The cause was a heart attack, his family said. He was a Methodist minister and a World War II veteran who fought with the Marines on Iwo Jima.

Something you don't see every day: Three Crosses in the middle of the river

NEXT STOP: Hawk's Nest State Park and the Mystery Hole

The route back to US 19 and home was US 60--The Midland Trail.

The Midland Trail, also called the Roosevelt Midland Trail, was a national auto trail spanning the United States from Washington, D.C. west to Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, California (though the Lincoln Highway guide published in 1916 states the original eastern terminus was in New York City). First signed in 1913, it was one of the first, if not the first, marked transcontinental auto trails in America.
The early routing of the Midland Trail, from east to west, began in either New York City or Washington, D.C. and continued through Richmond, Virginia and Lexington to Charleston, West Virginia; thence passing through Louisville, KY; Lexington, KY; Vincennes, IN; Salem, IL; St. Louis, MO; Sedalia, MO; Kansas City; Topeka, KS; Limon, CO and then to Denver, Colorado.

Along the way, some additional picture were snapped.

The Mystery Hole: we just had to stop

It was on US 60, west of Ansted, that we came upon the Mystery Hole.

This MYSTERY HOLE thing seems to effect different people in different ways depending on whether they cling to the new style education or stray to the plain old C.H.S. (common horse sense) method. We have noticed that the highly educated folks do ask more questions than the lesser educated ones do. Whatever these unidentified effects may be they are believed not to be a serious threat to those searching for fun and excitement.

The Mystery Hole promises to let the tourist "defy the laws of gravity". That sounded a little like Congress trying to defy the laws of supply and demand over gasoline prices.

Pictures from along the road on the way to Hawks Nest State Park.

Nestled in the heart of whitewater rafting country, Hawks Nest State Park encompasses 276 acres bordering a rugged section of the New River Gorge National River.

Long known for its panoramic views, the park offers a modern, 31 room lodge for the comfort of overnight guests.

View from one of the observation decks at Hawks Nest SP (WV).


At Ansted, a coffee stop was made and we ended up at Blue Smoke Salsa, right on the town's main drag--which is US 60.

While we were waiting for the coffee, we took the pleasant and super-friendly staff up on their offer to help make some of the establishment's renown salsa. So, this road trip wasn't all fun and games.

Mondo, slaving over a hot salsa pot

After purchasing some Jalepeno Pepper Jelly (the mild variety, although the Hot jelly was delicious), it was a quick picture with the Blue Smoke Salsa staff (below) and a 4-hour trip back along US 19 and I-79 (and various little connector) to home.

And back to work.

We're not sure where next month's DBKP Road Trip #2 will head to, so keep checking back.

[DBKP Road Trips will be 30-36 hour adventures by car, with a budge of $250 for food, gas and lodging for 2.]

by Mondoreb
11-National Park Service;
1-10, 13-23: DBKP

* Weston State Hospital
* US Route 19
* Summersville, WV
* The Need for $peed--it will cost you!

* New River Gorge bridge
*Bernard Coffindaffer, Evangelist, Dies at 68
* Mystery Hole
* Hawks Nest SP

Larry Sinclair, Obama Accuser: Drastic Drop in Youtube Visits

Banana Nut Bread Fire Sale

Numbers don't lie, at least the total number of visits or clicks on a video on Youtube. We took a look at the videos posted by Obama accuser Larry Sinclair and number of visits for each video and found "the awful truth": after months of posting various videos on Youtube of his sordid allegations--that he and Senator Obama shared illegal drugs and illicit sex back in 1999-- Sinclair has failed to capitalize on his initial windfall and has not held the public's interest.

Sinclair posted his first video on Youtube back on January 18. In the video Sinclair detailed his allegations against Senator Barack Obama, that he and the then state senator partied in the back of a limo rented by Sinclair in November 0f 1999, that they shared gay sex and illegal drugs and that they spent time at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois. To date on Youtube there's been 881,993 visits.

Sinclair posted a second series of videos, "Obama's Sex and Drug Party", on February 5th. Sinclair has Parts 2, 3, and 4 posted on Youtube. We're not sure what happened to, or if there was, a Part 1.

Total numbers of visits for Part 2: 214,740.
Part 3: 25,201
Part 4: 25,209

Sinclair's next video, Larry's Sinclair's Fighting On, was posted on Youtube on February 28. Total number of visits: 9,953

On March 5, Sinclair posted a short video titled, "I Blew Obama" which has drawn 26,861 visits.

Sinclair's next video, Obama's Attorney on SuperXClusivo Pt 2, was posted on April 11. Total number of visits: 2885

On May 12 Sinclair posted "Video Statement of Larry Sinclair" during which Sinclair claims he has received death threats and personal attacks against him and his family. Total number of visits: 10,272

Sinclair's latest video was posted May 29. In the "DNC Plays Stupid" video Sinclair visits the offices of the DNC in Washington, D.C.. Total number of visits: 2,281

Despite the fact that Sinclair's first video back in January pulled in over 880,000 visits, Sinclair's second video, which was posted on February 5th in 3 parts, showed a rather rapid decline in those wishing for further information in the Larry Sinclair-Obama saga. The total number of visits dropped precipitously from 881,193 to 214,740 for the first video in the series.

The numbers continued to spiral downward, from Part 2 to Part 3 of the same series saw a drop from 214,74o to 25,201 which meant that a little over ten percent who watched part 2 went on to watch parts 3 and 4.

The next video, a little over 8 minutes long, "Larry Sinclair's Fighting On" garnered even less interest with 9,952 views. Sinclair then posted his "I Blew Obama" video which saw some gains in views, up to 26,861, but then interest went limp with a mere 2,885 views of the SuperXClusivo video.

Larry's latest missive, his video posted yesterday, DNC Plays Stupid, has 2,885 visits. We've decided to leave the latest out because it's only been posted a day but his "Video Statement of Larry Sinclair" posted on May 12 has a mere 10,272 visits. This means that even though Larry's first video garnered over three quarters of a million visits, his latest "video statement" has failed to generate less than a little over 1 percent in follow-up traffic.

If Larry were pedaling a product, say banana nut bread, and sold almost a million loaves on his initial startup four months ago yet his follow up sales were less than one percent what judgment is one left to make?

Youtube numbers do not lie, at least in the total number of visits to a video. Larry Sinclair has posted a total of nine videos on Youtube since January 18th. Sinclair's first video was a smash success with over three-quarter million views yet the public's curiosity rapidly piqued. There were no secret codes nor handshakes to view all nine of Larry's videos, merely a spontaneous lack of interest. After almost five months of nine videos and constant self-promotion, Sinclair has failed to capitalize on his Youtube windfall and hold the public's interest.


Image - Banana Nut Bread Sign
Death by 1000 Papercuts Front Page

DBKP Road Trip to New River Gorge

DBKP Road Trip #1

Destination: New River Gorge National Park
Fayette County, West Virginia
[Click on images to enlarge.]

New River Gorge, WV

A vacation doesn't have to mean jetting to Acapulco or Thailand.

If you're snowed under with work or other distractions and can't find the time for a proper vacation, there are plenty of 1-2 day road trips to break the monotony of work. With this in mind, a trip was planned to take in the New River Gorge National Park in Fayette County, WV--with some interesting stops along the way thrown in for good measure. Combining business with the adventure of a road trip is one of life's little pleasures.


The road taken...

Starting in Ohio on Interstate 70, the traveler enters West Virginia--all fourteen miles of it, from Ohio to Pennsylvania along i-70--at Wheeling. We jumped on US Route 250, a winding, roller-coaster affair that stretches from Sandusky, OH to Virginia Beach, VA and followed it south to our first stop: Mannington WV.

Mario's Pizza was the stop for a quick lunch and a little chat with Nancy, the server about Smoke Nazis. The local health department was trying to extend the county smoking ban to include bars, fraternal organization--in short, any place people choose to relax. Nancy was well-versed in the nefarious ways of the Smoke Nazis.

"They'll be coming for the over-weight people next."

Amen, Nancy.

Back to driving south on 250 to Fairmont, where we hopped onto Interstate 79 and continued south.

Next stop: Weston and the ancient, spooky Weston Mental Hospital.

One small step for the Smoke Nazis, one giant leap backwards
for freedom of choice and personal liberty

Clarksburg, WV: A stop for gas--maybe the last time gasoline will be under $4 a gallon?--and we noticed the Smoke Nazis had gotten here before us. Temptation comes in many forms: for the smoker, it might be an inviting cigar; for a Smoke Nazi, a chance to rub smokers' faces in their every victory.

It's only a celebration if you choose to be smoke-free--not if you're ordered to do it by an unelected health official. But there miles to go before any sleep, so it was onto Weston.

The Weston State Hospital was a psychiatric hospital operated from 1864 to 1994 by the government of the U.S. state of West Virginia, in the city of Weston. The hospital's main building is one of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the United States, and was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1990. In 2008, The group TAPS was called to the hospital to conduct an investigation at the request of Joe Jordan due to purported claims of paranormal activity on the grounds. The owners are now offering haunted tours 7 days a week.

The scene of two recent Ghost Hunter (TAPS) episodes, the locals are convinced that the old Mental Hospital at Weston is haunted. One lady advised to "go at night. That's when the strange things happen."

The place certainly looks spooky enough from the outside, bars still covering the outsides of the rooms. But we had miles to go before we would sleep.

So a decision was made to return one evening soon and see what "strange things" were in the old lunatic asylum. It's all just another excuse for another road trip.

Nest stop: Summersville, WV

Continuing down I-79 south, we exited the interstate onto US Route 19, a grand and glorious highway that stretches across the Eastern USA.

U.S. Route 19 is a north-south U.S. Highway. Despite encroaching Interstate Highways, the route has remained a long-haul route, connecting Lake Erie with the Gulf of Mexico.
The highway's northern terminus is in Erie, Pennsylvania, at an intersection with U.S. Route 20 about a mile from the shores of Lake Erie. Its southern terminus is at Memphis, Florida, just north of Bradenton, Florida at an intersection with U.S. Route 41.

Summersville, WV is about 30 minutes away, through the mountains and never-ending forests of Southern West Virginia. Summersville is known for the scenery and recreation at Summersville Lake--and for ability of its police department to write speeding tickets.

Summersville Lake

Summersville is a town in Nicholas County, West Virginia, United States. The population was 3,194 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Nicholas County[3]. Summersville, especially along U.S. 19, is well-known as a speed trap. In 2001 the police department of Summersville issued 18,133 tickets. Because of this, the city has been seen on several network TV programs including CNN, CBS, CBC, and the BBC.

To put the number of speeding tickets in perspective: that's almost 2 speeding tickets issued every hour--24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The average cost of a speeding ticket in Summersville is $150, including court costs. That's $2.71 million in speeding tickets. Business is good for the Summersville PD.

Summersville, W.Va., is another danger zone for leadfoots. The town, with a population of 3,200, gave out 18,000 speeding tickets last year. Each year, it gets thousands of visitors to Summersville Lake, the largest in the state, as well as tractor-trailers and other traffic heading north or south on Route 19, which slices through town.

Of course, the police chief says, "Move along. Nothing to see here."
"I would rather be labeled a speed trap than a death trap," says Summersville Police Chief Jay Nowak.

Be careful.

Summersville is about 20 minutes north of the New River Gorge bridge, the highest single-span arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere. This is where we stop for the night. After a great meal at the local Mexican restaurant and some gambling (WV has video poker and slot machines scattered throughout the state), the attempt was made to post the first part of this story. The internet connection at the motor lodge had other ideas, however.

So we turned in a little earlier than usual.

DAY 2:
Next Stop: New River Gorge Bridge

New River Gorge bridge

page 2: DBKP Road Trip#1: New River Gorge - Day 2

SPAM: Ethonol Policies Force Families to Cut Food Costs with Spam

Good News!
Spam Is On The Table And In The News.

One of the more profound effects of the US Government's mindless Cellulosic ethanol production subsidies is runaway food inflation. The joy of this policy is the , ah, down grading of the Family menu.

"There's no sign of a slowdown. Food inflation is running at an annualized rate of 6.1 percent as of April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics"

Spam is back!

"Spam's maker, Hormel Foods Corp., reported last week that it saw strong sales of Spam in the second quarter, helping push up its profits 14 percent. According to sales information coming from Hormel, provided by The Nielsen Co., Spam sales were up 10.6 percent in the 12-week period ending May 3, compared to last year. In the last 24 weeks, sales were up nearly 9 percent."

It is hard to stomach such good news.

Spam was launched in 1937, but sales took off after WWII when GIs returned with a 'taste' for the product and no money.

150 million cans of Spam are sold annually. And while it was once thought they were all eaten in Hawaii, apparently the joy of the poverty driven pantry will be the joy of all America. Amen. And for you Jewish-Americans, the delicacy comes in turkey flavor. Bit of unfortunate news there, eh?

And soon, home delivery.

Finally, a tribute to Spam--in haiku form.

Above all others
porcine treat without equal
there is but one Spam
--Keola Beamer

Bon Appetite.

by pat
* neatorama
* gypsyfirechicklet
* myninjaplease
* Spam Sales rise as Consumers Trim Food Costs
* Wyman, I'm a Spam Fan

Harvey Korman: TV's Top Second Banana

Harvey Korman (left) as Hedley Lamarr hamming it
up with Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles

We wanted to write a piece on the passing of one of the greatest actor-comedians of our time, Harvey Korman.

Governor William J. Le Petomane: Thank you, Hedy, thank you
Hedley Lamarr: It's not *Hedy*, it's *Hedley*. Hedley Lamarr.
Governor William J. Le Petomane: What the hell are you worried about? This is 1874. You'll be able to sue *her*.

Harvey was a hoot, whatever character he played, he played with panache. From the Hedley Lamarr in the 1974's Blazing Saddles and Dr. Charles Montague in 1977's High Anxiety to Carol Burnett's eleven year sidekick in the Carol Burnett Show, Harvey made us laugh, not only at the antics of Korman but at his own apparent mirth. You could tell, Harvey and his cohorts in comedy had a great time working together as Harvey Korman was the quintessential ham.

Korman died Thursday at age 81. He won four Emmys for his work on the Carol Burnett Show. He worked in films, television, and comedy shows, most notably a tour with another comedy genius, Tim Conway, who also starred on the Carol Burnett Show. A spin off was born from Burnett's show, Momma's Family, Korman played the put-upon Ed. But it was his eleven years as second banana on the Carol Burnett Show which delighted fans each week with Korman's cheeky comedic parts.

"You have to have a certain persona to be a star, you know, and I don't have that. I'm a banana." Harvey Korman
Korman starred in the Carol Burnett Show from 1967 to 1978 in 137 shows. Whether he was Max from Norma Desmond is Dead or Rhett Butler in a hilarious spoof of Gone With the Wind, Korman was the best second banana to ever grace the TV stage.

Korman played each character with an over-the-top flair which lent itself to the overall hilarity of one of TV's greatest comedy shows.

We're gonna miss Harvey Korman. We're eternally grateful that we're left with the prolific talents of this comedic master on film. We're sure wherever Harvey is, he's having a blast doing what he did best, making em laugh.

Quotes - Harvey Korman - Brainy Quotes
Source - Seattle PI - Comic Powerhouse Harvey Korman dies at 81
Image - Hedley Lamarr - Blazing Saddles
Source - IMDB - Hedley Lamarr

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There was this Road Trip, See...

The odd road trip beckons.

Be back later this afternoon...where a regular old-fashioned Post-A-Rama will be held!

Check back about 6 pm or thereabouts!

by Mondoreb
image: dbkp

Celebrity Quotes: Sharon Stone Speaks

Stone relaxing during the Cannes Film Festival

We've put together quotes by the 'fabulous' actress Sharon Stone. The 50-year-old Stone is known for "speaking her mind" on a variety of subjects so we took the time and gathered up some that give some insight into the "mind of Sharon Stone".

After an estimated 60,000 plus died May 12 in the earthquake in central China, thousands of them innocent little children, and hundreds of thousands more injured and displaced, Ms. Stone mulled over what may have been the cause of the massive killer quake: Karma.

"I've been concerned about how should we deal with the Olympics, because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine," she said.

"And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma -- when you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

Needless to say the Chinese were not amused. The head of UME Cineplex chain in China, Ng See-Yuen, said that no films of Stone's will ever be shown on the mainland or in Hong Kong.

"I heard the babies crying when I drove by the hospital and I started crying, too."
Stone as auctioneer at the AmFar Aids Charity Auction in Cannes last week describing a time she was in Israel in a chauffeured car and heard AIDS afflicted babies crying from behind hospital walls.

"Come on, now, you spend more on crack." Stone to P. Diddy at the Cannes AmFar Benefit.

“If you have a vagina and an attitude in this town, then that's a lethal combination.”
“When I'm with my friends' teenage children, I always say, 'Are your friends having sex yet?”
“Our world has changed and our children are in danger. I choose to surrender my right to bear arms in exchange for the peace of mind of doing the right thing.”
"Shhh... shh.. shhh... if you talk you bid, you move you bid, you look at me wrong you bid. You got it? You naughty little Germans... you naughty nasty little Germans..." Stone emceeing the Cinema For Peace Gala in Berlon 2007

"I carry condoms in my purse, even though I haven't had sex in a long time. I'm hoping for luck! And I carry them so I can give them to other people who might want or need them, or who might want to have a conversation."---Stone quoted in Hollywood Life, March/April 2006.
"Words matter. And the courage and intention with which you stand behind behind your words matters. Gay, straight, faggot, dyke, daughter, sister, mother, lover, friend... it matters. It matters what you say or who you say it to." Stone at the 2007 Lifeball in Vienna

Woman might be able to fake orgasms. But man can fake whole relationships.
Source - AFP - Sharon Stone quake comment spark anger in China
Image - Daily Mail
Source - New York Post - Stone Raises AIDS $$$ and IRE
Source - Think Exist Quotes
Source - Inbaseline
Source - Youtube
Source - Youtube - Lifeball

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The Angry Liberal: Fifteen Quotes

"Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die."
--Malachy McCourt

The "angry white male" is old and busted news. New and hot is the "angry liberal".

Why are liberals angry? 15 quotes that might shed some light on the phenomenon of The Angry Liberal.

"We have been too nice. We have been too polite."
--Ann Lewis, veteran strategist with the Democratic National Committee, where the official party weblog is called "Kicking Ass."

"He who angers you conquers you."
--Elizabeth Kenny

Quotes: DBKP Library of Quotes

Q: Anybody else see the outrage on the part of liberals at ABC because they had the 'audacity' to ask the Holy Messiah Obama slightly tougher questions than say 'do you wear boxers or briefs'? Imagine for a second that John McCain had had a fundraiser for his campaign years ago with Timothy McVeigh. How is it unfair to ask Obama about his personal relationship with a DOMESTIC TERRORIST? Why are liberals angry over this?

A: People who are not secure in their positions do not like to be questioned. Those who are secure, encourage questioning because it gives them the opportunity to convince others.

"Liberals enjoy claiming that they are intellectuals, thrilled to engage in a battle of wits. This, they believe, distinguishes them from conservatives, who are religious fanatics who react with impotent rage to opposing ideas."
--Ann Coulter

"Get mad, then get over it."
--Colin Powell

""My contribution to the civility of the dialogue has been to get down and say, 'You're lying, and we're going to call you on it.' "
--Al Franken, MN senate candidate and talk radio host

“[T]he decision in the Florida election case may be ranked as the single most corrupt decision in Supreme Court history, because it is the only one that I know of where the majority justices decided as they did because of the personal identity and political affiliation of the litigants. This was cheating, and a violation of the judicial oath.”
--Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor

"I was very angry. I was angry for a period of two days."
--Keith Olbermann, explaining to Bill Moyers his reaction upon reading in August of 2006 about Don Rumsfeld talking to the veterans and talking about how "every-- everyone who was in opposition to the Iraq War policy, the so-called war on terror, even to some degree the Bush administration, was the equivalent in his mind to the Nazi appeasers of the 1930s."

"Republicans had better worry. Angry people are motivated to get out to vote. If they can channel that anger into something constructive, they can literally upset the presidency."
--Paul Weyrich, veteran conservative organizer

"I think a lot of people felt the media was giving a pass to Bush."
--"Bill Scher, a 31-year old publicist who runs

"Liberals believe that men--left to their own devices--are not to be trusted. They also believe in the goodness of government; a government composed of men. This paradox may help explain why many liberals are angry much of the time."
--RE Bierce

"Sure, liberals still seethe from a doubtful election, an illegal war and political prosecutions. But there's a genuine anger out there engendered by something rooted far deeper in the past: a quarter-century of callous right-wing tactics. Its purveyors now carping about liberal anger have no one to blame but themselves."
--P.M. Carpenter, History News Network

"I thought liberalism was supposed to be all about tolerance and diversity and stuff. I guess that applies only to skin, but not to thought or ideas."
--Fred Dooley, Real Debate Wisconsin

"Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight."
--Phyllis Diller

Okay, a confession: the last quote could apply to liberals or conservatives.

by Mondoreb

images: variety.blogs
* paradox
* When Angry Liberals Attack
* Entertainment for Angry Liberals
* Why are liberals angry at Stephanapolous for asking Obama totally legitimate questions?
* Why Liberals are Angry
* Why Are Liberals so Angry?
* Liberals Finding Their Voice--and It's Angry
* Bill Moyers talks with MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.
* Anger quotes

Somali Women Claim Employer Discrimination in Minnesota Tortilla Factory

Each day millions of Americans head out to work, many of whom who wear uniforms in their profession and yet six Muslim Somali women working in a tortilla factory in Minnesota are not only refusing to wear their uniforms but have filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming "religious discrimination".

CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil liberties group, is demanding the company give the women back their jobs and let them wear the Muslim prescribed loose fitting skirts and scarves, which would be dangerous to the women in a workplace where there's mechanical equipment.
"For these women, wearing tight-fitting pants is like being naked," said Valerie Shirley, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. "It's simply not an option."
We wondered, how many Americans sympathize with these women's "plight"?

While most Americans may grouse about working, there are certain things that each of us know, certain things that seem to be missing from the Somali women and CAIR's mindset which set them apart.

We may grouse about having to wear a uniform for work but we know that at some point we're grateful to have that job, to be able to pay our bills, feed our children, or use it as a stepping stone to another job, a better life.

What we don't do is, once we get a job is harbor a sense of entitlement, that we are now the ones who can set the rules on what we can and cannot wear. We know that if an employer mandates we must wear a uniform, either we wear the uniform and do our job, or we find work elsewhere. What we don't do, is run to the EEOC claiming religious discrimination and then have our religious guard dogs, CAIR, come in and get heavy handed, calling our employers religious bigots, blackmailing them into getting our job back. This is not how Americans behave.

Read More at CAIR and Muslims: Assimilation Would Put CAIR Out of Business at

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Source - Star Tribune - Muslim Women: Dress Code Violates Faith
Image - Medical Uniforms

Naked Maid Makes Off With Vacationing Wife's Jewels

A Florida man got more than he bargained for after a nude maid he'd hired cleaned out $40,000 of his wife's jewelry.

The man hired a naked maid off the internet; she charged a $100 an hour to strip down and clean his house in the buff. Somehow she managed to clean out the man's wife's jewelry while the Missus was on holiday.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the man claims the naked maid was alone in the bedroom for "a short while".

Naked Dan the Handyman

We did some research in the Tampa area and found another "nude" cleaner and butler, Naked Dan the Handyman.

Naked Dan advertises he's also a naked notary-model-bartender-Entertainer-Male stripper and, believe it or not, a naked handyman.

The suspect in the naked jewelry heist is described as a white female between the ages of 21-24. Obviously the man was unable to give any other type of description other than she was nude and between 21 and 24. Since she charged $100 an hour we figure she owes him another 39,999 hours for "services rendered".


Source - Naked Dan the Handyman
Source - St. Petersburg Times - Nude Maid Cleans Cheval House, including the jewelry

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Image - Maid

Eight Videos: Machine Gun Shoot at Cheyenne Wells CO

Eight short videos from the Cheyenne Wells (CO) VFD Machine Gun Shoot, May 2-3-4 2008. Courtesy of RidesAPaleHorse.

"Gettin' there/A walk down the firing line - Part one

"Gettin' there/A walk down the firing line - Part Two

"Reactive Targets"

The Big Bang!

M-134 MiniGun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Too!


The Mad Minute

by RidesAPaleHorse
image/videos: RAPH - Bigger, Better!.
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Illegal Immigration and the Jobs Americans Will Not Do

The jobs Americans won't do.

This was a prime reason for the non-enforcement of America's immigration and border. The entire sentence should have been, "The jobs Americans won't do for less."

At one time, it was a staple of the Wall Street Journal editorial page, usually a bastion of right thinking in a sea of Mainstream Media flapdoodle. The Journal could have struck a stand that encompassed both it's pro-business interest and it's normal adherence to conservative principles.

But in the case of illegal immigration, the WSJ threw in with the Democrats and RINOs. That's one reason the WSJ no longer speaks for conservatives on this particular issue. The Journal's illegal immigration pieces could easily have written by Time, Newsweek or any other dying, discredited left-leaning rag.


Jobs Americans Won’t Do?

Or jobs Americans can’t get hired for?

Or jobs Americans won't do for less?

That's the subject(s) of this week's Blogs4Borders blogburst video.

A government which asks its citizens to sacrifice in the name of "homeland security", while at the same time, does not enforce border security, is suffering from a disconnect with the ultimate political reality.

Hinting that Americans are lazy or greedy--"the jobs Americans won't do--is a poor substitute for enforcing the border laws.

by Mondoreb
image: dbkp
Source: Blogs4Borders! 052608
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