John Edwards Scandal: Bob McGovern,Mystery Man

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Rielle Hunter's Mystery Man
--Besides John Edwards

Rielle Hunter, the mother of the John Edwards Love Child, that is finally starting to register on the national consciousness, has a mysterious friend.

No, besides John Edwards.

Bob McGovern was named in the latest round of Enquirer updates to the John Edwards Love Child Scandal as the person who drove both Rielle Hunter and John Edwards to their meeting in the Beverly Hilton. It was at this meeting that Edwards was cornered by the Enquirer's reporters and photographers and took sanctuary in a public men's room.

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Simon Scowl, Deceiver [What About Bob?] has a complete piece on Mr. McGovern and asks some interesting questions.

McGovern, if you’re just joining us, is the gentleman who allegedly rented the rooms at the Beverly Hilton last week as a favor to John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, the baby girl who Edwards says isn’t his, and the veritable legion of National Enquirer reporters waiting outside. McGovern is also listed on the “board of directors” of Being Is Free (Hunter’s once-deleted, now-resurrected website), and may be the “Bob” who Hunter once described as her “savior, healer of all healers.”

Now, if you go to the Google cache of, the site of some kind of astrologer or palm-reader or something, there’s a page called “Helpful Dudes.” But despite the plural, apparently there’s only one dude who Margaret Sweet considers helpful:

Scowl posits that Hunter may have been carrying Edwards' child, but it was McGovern she was really thinking about all the time. Simon has his reasons.

He also has a journalism project for the willing.

We found it an interesting read while waiting for the latest Edwards news--other than him running from reporters again.

With the Mainstream Media news blackout slowly ending, Bob may not be a mystery much longer.

by Mondoreb
image: Deceiver
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