Jerusalem: Obama Throws City Under the Bus to the Crocs

Getting Pretty Crowded Down There

Feeding The Crocodiles

Red Planet Cartoons

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"Jerusalem! Come on Down!
You're the next contestant on 'Under the Bus', with Your Host, Barack Obama!

Red Planet Cartoons has the above image which highlights the latest Barack Obama flip-flop. This time it's about he supports whether Jerusalem is to be an 'undivided' city.

( Barack Obama, the Democratic party’s nominee for U.S. President, retracted the statement he made at the AIPAC Convention in June, about the need for Jerusalem to remain Israel’s undivided capital. Obama had already qualified the statement the day after he made it, but in a new CNN interview he effectively retracted it, blaming “poor phrasing” and careless syntax.
--Obama Gives Final Burial to ‘Undivided Jerusalem’ Statement.

Poor phrasing




All are words for the 180-degree swings in Obama's positions and all are in the Official Obama Political Handbook--and he's using them all on almost a daily basis.

Either he's going to have to start adding new words or he'll lose his "eloquent" label among those who follow what the junior senator from Illinois actually says in his speeches.

RPC has its usual collection of power-links on the topic. The last of the collection is particularly succinct.

Obama on Jerusalem — Dishonest, Ignorant, or Both?

"...Obama either understands this or he doesn't. If he does, he is being dishonest when he claim the city can be undivided in other than the sense in which his AIPAC remarks were construed. If he doesn't, his ignorance is staggering."
--Paul Mirengoff, Powerline

Red Planet skillfully points out the possible consequences of this latest about-face: after BHO gives away Jerusalem and Iraq, what's next?

Barack's a smart Ivy Leaguer; perhaps, he should Google "appeasement" and read up on what happens to appeasers. He might start with some Sir Winston Churchill, quoted above by RPC: "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

But then, to suggest a reading list for Obama, one hardly knows where to begin. As the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, he's most likely much to busy to read these days anyway.

He's much too busy deciding who--or what--will be the next to get pitched under the never-ceasing wheels of the Obama bus.

by Mondoreb
image/source: Red Planet Cartoons
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