Date My Ex: Jo and Slade, First Real Housewives of Orange County Spinoff

The Real Housewives of Orange County has its first spin-off: Date My Ex: Jo and Slade. The show debuted on Bravo, Monday, July 21.

The show, starring Jo De La Rosa and ex-boyfriend, Slade Smiley, touts itself as a "reality" show. While we get to follow Jo as she releases her first album and lives the single life in LA, we're not so sure how "realistic" the show's premise is: Jo will date several guys who, get this, have to live in Slade's house and undergo a Slade purview if they want to pursue the lovely ex-Housewive from Orange County.

Monday's night show was a trip down memory lane with clips of Jo and Slade from Real Housewives.

The "flashback" included snippets of Jo in a little French maid outfit, Slade mentioning the cost of their upcoming nuptials which never occurred: $100,000, Jo and Slade making out with Jo going topless (nice shot of Jo boob's), and Slade removing the license plate from Jo's car after they broke up.

Jo and Slade broke up and made up, several times. Jo was bored being a "housewife" even though she admitted she never cooked. Yet feather dusting in the little French Maid outfit with the 5 inch heels plus the stress of shopping can be exhausting, so we do give her points on that.

Jo was 12 years younger than Slade and destined to be his 3rd wife. When Jo came home and announced she had gotten a job, Slade threw a hissy fit. Slade was upset over her decision to get a job. We're not sure why, as Jo explained to Slade that she had grown "bored" staying at home. Slade, instead of congratulating her on getting a new job, became angry and then told Jo that she should know" he always "supported her". Financially, sure, but not so much emotionally, as the relationship seemed to be one of Slade controlling Jo while Jo enjoyed the perks until boredom seeped in.

Jo moved to LA with Slade not far behind. But not before Slade discovered Jo strumming a guitar. He ran out and found a record producer and got Jo an audition. Jo's album, Unscripted, will be released August 19. Oddly enough, the first single is "You Can't Control Me".

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