Global Warming: Kidney Stones and Melon Heads

Global Warming Delusions May Turn Brains To Mush

Although the world has been undergoing dramatic cooling for the last 19 months, that has not stopped the Warmists from finding ever more reasons to panic about the non-existent effects of imaginary warming.. A new low was recently touched upon.


Headlines such as this flew around the globe yesterday.Yahoo News, Bloomberg, The Boston Globe all headlined the latest thriller pathology to be inflicted upon the world because of the existence of mankind. We are not talking polar bears here. This is personal. From the article.

"July 15 (Bloomberg) -- More Americans may develop kidney stones as global warming raises the risk of dehydration, according to a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...
Warmer temperatures predicted by climate scientists may lead to a 30 percent increase in kidney stone cases in some U.S. regions, researchers at the University of Texas wrote in the study published today. That would result in a $1 billion increase in annual treatment costs by 2050, they said...

``It's pretty well established that the prevalence of kidney stones increases with annual average temperatures,'' lead author Tom Brikowski, associate professor of geosciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, said in an interview.

So we have a geologist telling me that warmer temperatures cause kidney stones.And that the USA and presumably the world will be paqued by the same. Because in case the geoscience guy did not notice, there are places a lot hotter than most of the USA. At anyrate, DBKP found the assertion so laughable, we put the matter to our esteemed scientific panel for review.

After almost 10 minutes of research, the came up with the following.

"According to a study on the incidence of kidney stones in the United State, people have a higher incidence of stones in the South. The West has the lowest incidence in the U.S. Some researchers believe the higher incidence in the South is caused by higher rates of hypertension, hot and humid climates due to dehydration, and poor dietary habits that results in magnesium deficiencies."

Nothing about TEMPERATURE whatsoever. And the West is a lot hotter than the South. A nonfactor. In fact sex and ethnicity play a far larger role.Women are 4 times more likely than men to get kidney stones. Whites more likely thasn other groups. Genetics may be the most important factor. And most important of all, drink lots of beer. Absent that, water makes a poor second choice.

by pat

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