John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Affair: Some Love Child Jokes

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We were tipped to the existence of a stash of John Edwards-Rielle Hunter jokes at Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?.

We rounded up three and added one more which has been floating around the office.

We now present: Four jokes on the Edwards-Hunter affair.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Rielle who?
You must get all your news from MSM TV and newspapers!

Folks, I don't wanna say John Edwards has an illegitimate baby, but the kid's got John's eyes and Rielle Hunter's meal ticket!

How do you get John Edwards to play with his illegitimate baby?
Put it in front of a mirror!

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There are more Love Child Scandal jokes at "Here are some John Edwards/Rielle Hunter jokes".

And one more from the fuzzy confines of DBKP:

John Edwards, after his confrontation with the Enquirer reporters Tuesday morning at the Beverly Hilton, saw the Enquirer's photographer and decided to approach him.

Edwards: "Hey, you know, I could make you a wealthy man. The National Enquirer probably doesn't pay you all that much."
Photographer: "What do you mean?"
Edwards: "Well, I'll pay you $85,000 for your camera."
Photographer: "It's a deal!"

Later, Edwards was having a meeting with his advisers and one of them noticed the camera.

Adviser: "Wow, John, nice camera. How much did you pay for it?"
Edwards: "$85,000."
Adviser (laughing): "Gee, John, someone must have seen you coming!"


We know, we know.

We'll keep the day job.

by Mondoreb
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* Jim Treacher
Source: Here are some John Edwards/Rielle Hunter jokes
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