Joe the Plumber Ohio Records: Illegal Searches Violate Laws

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Obama's Minions Computer Search On Joe The Plumber
Much More Extensive Than Initially Reported

It is now being discovered that the Ohio government checks into the records of Joe the Plumber were quite extensive. There are now four separate focal points of the investigation; among them, a low-level law enforcement computer operator--now relieved of duty--and the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Helen Jones-Kelley.

This latter usage is far more troubling.

Not only because the job is a political appointment and the hold very likely knew better, but also because of a little-known quirk in the laws of search and seizure.

AT LEFT: Jones-Kelley and Governor Strickland

As reported in The Columbia Dispatch:

The checks were run after the news media reported that Wurzelbacher was considering buying a plumbing business with more than $250,000 in annual income, Jones-Kelley wrote.

"Given our understanding that Mr. Wurzelbacher had publicly indicated that he had the means to purchase a substantial business enterprise, ODJFS, consistent with past departmental practice, checked confidential databases ,...

"Not surprisingly, when a person behind in child support payments or receiving public assistance is receiving significant media attention which suggests that the person appears to have available financial resources, the Department risks justifiable criticism if it fails to take note and respond," Jones-Kelley wrote."

That, of course, is absolute nonsense.

How would anyone know if such a person owed child support? And an inquiry into the so-called past practices would reveal that no such 'practice' existed. The Federal and State guidelines for Child Support investigative sweeps require that there be a specific target first.

In other words, the agency must first know that Joe owes or owed child support.

It is unheard-of that such a sweep would occur at the cabinet level; normally the results of such investigations are not shared with individuals outside of the Child Support Directors office--pending legal action.

In fact this says much about the banana republic that Ohio is transforming itself into. In most States this would be a scandal of momentous occasion.

What is so special about the use of Child Suppport investigative techniques?

They are unique. Without any warrant, and unlike any other government entity, including the taxing authorities, Child Support has the ability to access all government computers: taxes, even Federal by arrangement, law enforcement, prison, labor, traffic, voter registration--you name it.

All government data bases are available to Child Support. In fact, Child Support can physically examine tax returns and applications of various sorts. So the rules of usage are very strict and the penalties normally severe.

But apparently not in Ohio.

The information was made public. We know Joe owed some property taxes. We know he does not owe child support. We also know that Ms Jones-Kelley searched his tax and criminal records.

This was relevant to child support, how?

ABOVE: A trail of slime

"Jones-Kelly also has denied any connections between the computer checks on Wurzelbacher and her support for Obama. She donated the maximum $2,500 this year to the Obama campaign."

That is how.

This woman should be behind bars.

by pat

* times union
* jfs
* chemistryland

source: Dispatch

Green Machine, MSNBC, The Incredile Hulk: Stealth Cross Marketing

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The Green Machine: MSNBC News “pimps” their ride
by London Shearer Allen

When MSNBC posted an Incredible Hulk, "Green Machine" quiz--it was part of a publicity campaign for Universal Studio's new movie. However, there was no disclosure by MSNBC that they were helping promote their parent company's product. At the same time they were helping promote the Hulk,"Green Machine," MSNBC was also marketing yet another "Green Machine"-- their own, so-called, news gathering vehicle. Note: Even the slogan emblazoned on the MSNBC "green machine" car states, "green is universal." Is this coincidence or another nod to Universal Studios?

MSNBC and Fox News election coverage has gone green – did anyone notice? News reports have been coming in from the two networks’ “ecologically friendly newsgathering vehicles.” Fox News’ dubbed theirs the ‘ Election Link’ vehicle. One assumes MSNBC’s more whimsical name, “Green Machine,” refers to the green movement – right?

Maybe not. MSNBC’s Green Machine, a Ford Escape, was launched on the Nightly News, April 22, 2008. NBC parent company of MSNBC, had already “debuted” the “mean green streaming machine" aka the new Ford Escape, with cross-marketing on its Today show, the day before, April 21st. Three weeks later, Universal Studios (a.k.a NBC) released its feature film “The Incredible Hulk,” also marketed as “the Green Machine,” on June 13th, 2008.

By June 15, MSNBC News website published a “quiz” titled, “Hulk out! Take our green machine quiz. How much do you know about the Incredible Hulk?” The problem? There was no disclosure that MSNBC and Universal, the maker of the Green Machine, are both properties of NBC Universal Inc. Note: Even the news vehicle slogan is "green is universal." Another coincidence or just shrewd marketing? You choose.

So that fun quiz you took on the MSNBC News site, depending on how you look at it, is either an advertisement in disguise or a promotion of the movie masked as editorial content. Such options leave little room for optimism.

Fake product placement? What other chicanery can be found at the GE-owned network?

Continue reading: The “Green Machine”: MSNBC News “pimps” their ride

by London Shearer Allen
image/source: The “Green Machine”: MSNBC News “pimps” their ride

Obama Assassination Plot: Fantasy Skinhead World of Cowart, Schlesselman

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October 19-25, 2008
Volume 34

Trench Reynolds

I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.

This is DBKP's This Week in Crime for October 19-25, 2008.

If you've ever read my personal blog you'll know that I am far from a supporter of Barack Obama. However I am going to discuss the alleged assassination plot against him by two neo-nazi skinheads from an apolitical point of view.

As I'm sure most are you are well aware of the ATF announced that authorities have arrested two neo-nazi skinheads that were allegedly plotting an attack not only on Senator Barack Obama but planned on attacking students at predominantly black schools as well.

20-year-old Daniel Cowart of Tennessee and 18-year-old Paul Schlesselman are the two skinheads in question. The pair met on the web because of their mutual interest in white supremacy. Cowart ia a high school dropout and lived with his grandparents. Whether or not it was in their basement is unknown.

The two suspects hatched probably the most ridiculous plot for a killing spree in human history. In their sick little twisted fantasy plans they planned on killing 88 black students from an unnamed black school and decapitating 14 other black students. For those of you unfamiliar with the white supremacy movement the number 88 is code for Heil Hitler since the letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. The number 14 represents the 14 words.

To raise the level of absurdity to this plot after they committed the near impossible murders without getting caught they planned on assassinating Senator Barack Obama who as we all know is currently running for President. The way they allegedly wanted to commit the assassination was to drive a speeding car towards him while shooting at him while they wore white tuxedos and tophats.

Would they have been able to carry out the plot successfully? Not a chance. Are these just the racist fantasies from a bunch of drunken hicks? More than likely.

So what's the big deal? Why all the commotion? Why was the ATF involved if this plot was just the stuff of fantasy?

Even though these two are obviously mentally deficient that doesn't make them any less dangerous.

Both were already in possession of unregistered weapons. When the duo was arrested law enforcement seized a rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and three pistols from them. Police say they were getting ready to rob a gun store to get more weapons. That's a federal crime which drew the attention of the ATF. They also had nylon rope and ski masks that they allegedly were going to use in other robberies to fund their spree. The day of their arrest they allegedly fired a round into the window of a black church. Being the cowards that they are no one was in the church at the time.

So even though their 'goals' were totally unobtainable they did take steps to try and achieve those goals. That my friends is crime enough. Even if they had taken their plot one step further someone might have been hurt or killed. It's not unlike the kids who get arrested for plotting a school shooting. If it's just BSing between friends then there's no crime, but once they take a step towards committing the attack then it's a crime.

My point is that this crime needs to be kept in perspective. Was Senator Obama's life ever in danger? Not at all and this was also not part of some vast conspiracy. Conversely these weren't just two good ol' boys swapping jokes over a case of Bud Light. They are dangerous and law enforcement was correct in taking these inept criminals. seriously.

by Trench Reynolds
image: Trench Network

African Press International, Michelle Obama Tapes: Fox News Denies Story

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African Press International
Michelle Obama Audio Tapes

The [Almost] Final Chapter

Fox News Denies Negotiations or Airing of API Tapes

The final verdict is in on the African Press International story about it receiving a phone call from Michelle Obama that was, in API's words, "shocking".

That verdict does not bode well for African Press International. We will classify the whole episode "bizarre--though entertaining to some".

ALSO at DBKP on African Press International and Michelle Obama:

* African Press International, Michelle Obama: API Says Discussions with Fox News Are Happening
* African Press International, Michelle Obama Phone Call: Tapes Released Later Today
* Michelle Obama Calls African News Organization Over Obama Birth Certificate Reporting - UPDATED
* African Press International, Michelle Obama: Editor Says He Has Audio Tape of Conversation
* African Press International: Open Letter to Michelle Obama from API Chief Editor

The African Press International story started 16 days ago when API posted a story concerning a phone they allege occurred between one of their correspondents and Michelle Obama that had elements which API called "shocking".

API said that in the phone conversation, Mrs. Obama referred to Americans opposed to her husband's candidacy as "racists".

DBKP reported the story. We've since received emails, pro and con, about the alleged phone call and the API stories, which have turned into an Internet saga.

API said they recorded the call. Then that the audio of the tape would be released. Then, after delays, we took a powder on the story, deciding to wait and see.

During that entire time, we've been in contact with several individuals who have been involved in various aspects of the API negotiations. Their opinions of API changed--sometimes over the course of a single.

So, we waited.

The following story was posted on the API website today.

API/Fox News deal: Sean Hannity show and Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” to air the Michelle Obama tape in less than 24 hours.

The agreement stipulates that any information on the day and hour the tape will be aired will only be announce 15 minutes to the airing time. This was agreed upon to avoid any pressure being directed to Fox News Network by individuals who would want to get the details about the tape in question.

The airing of the tape can take place any time from this day and due to its sensitivity, people who will inquire from Fox News and API for details will either get a no comment answer or that there is no agreement on the table.

Which invited the following responses, which we noted.


READ BELOW: THIS IS SIMPLY A LIE ABOUT ME AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF A LIE ABOUT FOX AND / OR SEAN HANNITY BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS STUFF BELOW IS. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO API (AFRICAN PRESS) IS…this is the first I have heard about them….BUT I DO WANT TO “KILL THE VIRUS” LYING ABOUT ME. (Note that I lifted only part of the quote below because I just wanted to correct the lie about me..the website goes on and on.)

Fox News Denies Involvement with Supposed Michelle Obama Audio Tape:

Exclusive: Fox News denies any involvement in the purchase of an audio tape apparently featuring an unflattering portrayal of Michelle Obama. In a widely-circulated Web post, an organization called African Press International claims to be in negotiations with the network to air the tape.

An FNC spokesman tells TVNewser: "API's dubious claim that FOX News has purchased a supposed audio tape to be aired prior to Election Day is absolutely false."

Today's post on the API Website reads:

A final agreement has been reached between African Press International (API) and Fox News Network (USA) on the dates to air the Michelle Obama tape arising from a discussion Mrs. Obama had with the API two weeks ago. The show will take place any day/time from now, with a 15 minutes alert on when it is to take place. Other programmes will be interrupted. This is a precaution taken to avoid interference from any quarter. In the agreement, Fox News Network will broadcast 39 minutes of the 54 minutes long tape.

ABC's Jake Tapper talked with Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs last week who told him no such tape exists. "It's bogus, she didn't call, it's all a lie," Gibbs says.

The entire episode seems strange: strange that API would post their latest story.

Strange because the rest of their posts, covering a multitude of stories from Africa, suggest no hoaxes, no scams.

We can't divulge the various opinions and back-and-forth for the emails we received over the last week. But we will say this: confusion among the various parties, including API reigned.

We will now post the following API information, plus and minus.

  • API believes they talked to Michelle Obama.
  • API has audio tapes of something.
  • API is a small organization and is not usually in the spotlight.
  • Some parts of API's story checked out. DBKP got proof--from some individuals that API referred to in their subsequent stories--that confirmed parts of API's stories.
  • DBKP received proof that these individuals were corresponding directly with API, as reported by API.
  • Apparently, the editor-in-chief of African Press International had made arrangements to fly to New York City. API reported that this was for an appearance on Fox News.
  • Previously, DBKP--despite numerous attempts--could not confirm or deny that API ever was in negotiations with anyone at Fox News.

Now, on the API minus side:

  • African Press International has not posted an audio tape of their alleged conversation, 16 days after the fact.
  • Numerous delays have occurred in the API timeline.
  • Individuals DBKP trusts have expressed doubts in writing to us with proof.
  • API's latest story about the appearance of the tapes on Fox News, which has been denied officially by a Fox News spokesman.

As always, readers can make their own judgments.

Our judgment, at present time?

The phone call could have taken place. African Press International could have audio tapes of the phone call. African Press International may believe it had an agreement with Fox News.

African Press International did receive emails of a harassing nature, as well as threats--from both sides of the political spectrum.

Is the story true?

As we reported sixteen days ago: we don't know.

The API story could be true.

However, based on 1) what we know from the latest reports from both African Press International and Fox News; and, 2) can report from the many off-the-record accounts we've received, we are throwing the cold water of hard evidence on the story.

We won't label it a "hoax" or "scam": there's no evidence any money was to be gained by African Press International. That failure to try and quickly cash in when API could have--along with their past 1000+ stories over the last two years--are two of the reasons we won't slam the lid on the coffin of this strange story.

However, we'll note that we wouldn't be betting the house on the story.

If there are further developments that DBKP can confirm, we'll, of course, report them. We will publish a complete wrap-up and timeline to the story--most probably in the next several days, time allowing.

For now, we'll quote a line from one of our off-the-record email conversations with one of the principals.

"This story will probably end up in the October Surprise graveyard."

by Mondo Frazier
images: dbkp file

Angry Left: HuffPo Writer Stabs Ex 222 Times

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Stabs Ex-Lover 222 Times
With a Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Huffington Post has, in its archives, stories about the fake "Kill him!" event that never happened.

Wonder if this gal wrote any of them?

From the Palm Beach Post, Police: Ex-lover killed woman in rage in Boynton Beach:

BOYNTON BEACH — Carol Anne Burger killed her former lover by stabbing her 222 times with a Phillips-head screwdriver and then took pains to hide her crime, police said Wednesday.

Burger, who on Oct. 7 was tapped to cover the election for the Web site, The Huffington Post, still sometimes felt sad and isolated. Kalish, whom Burger had married in Massachusetts in 2005, had met another woman.

Some of Burger's friends couldn't believe it.

The PBPost's account: "My gut tells me that it's impossible and that something else is going on," said Helen Gale, Burger's close friend and confidante. "This is just beyond belief."

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "The Angry Left".

by Mondo
hat tip: dossier

* istock
* oscarjr

Obama-Khalidi Video: $175,000 Bounty Raised on Internet for Tape

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LA Times Obama-Rashid Khalidi Video:
LA Times Won't Release Video of
Obama and Wife at Jew-Bash
McCain accuses the Times of covering up the information

Blogger Doug Ross Gets Tip on Two Obama Quotes at 2003 Event

“We should know about their relationship including, apparently, information that is held by the Los Angeles Times concerning an event that Mr. Ayers attended with a PLO spokesman.”

“The Los Angeles Times refuses to make that videotape public. I’m not in the business about talking about media bias but what if there was a tape with John McCain with a neo-Nazi outfit being held by some media outlet, I think the treatment of the issue would be slightly different.”

--John McCain, to WAQI, also known as Radio Mambi

Other Obama Ties to Hamas Fund-Raiser Revealed by LGF
Bloggers Offering $175,000 For Copy of Video
McCain Campaign Calling LA Times to Release Video

An Eye-raising Guest List

DBKP reported earlier today that Doug Ross received a pair of quotes from a source who had seen the video the LA Times is holding, "Obama-Khalidi Tape: Blogger Obtains Quotes from Hidden Video UPDATED".

Ross' story "RED ALERT tip: Two Quotes from the Obama-Khalidi Videotape", cites a source "from a person who has provided useful, accurate and unique data from LA before (e.g., "All six of CNN's 'undecided voters' were Democratic operatives"). Take it for what it's worth, but I believe this person is on target.

The two quotes offered by Ross' source are certainly reason enough that the LA Times would want to suppress the video. Obama is supposedly congratulating the

"Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine."


"there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

The source said that Obama used the quotes to "rile the audience (largely pro-Palestinian) up".

Obama Campaign Has Still Refused
To Release Medical, College and University Records

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that McCain Accuses L.A. Times of Holding Back Obama Video.

John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, today accused the Los Angeles Times of withholding a videotape of an event that he asserted was attended by both Barack Obama and 1960s-era radical Bill Ayers. The campaign has repeatedly argued that Obama has not been straight about their relationship.

The videotape, described in an April L.A. Times story, was of a 2003 banquet honoring Rashid Khalidi, a leading Palestinian activist and scholar. At the dinner, Obama spoke of their friendship and how much he had learned from him.

On Tuesday, a McCain spokesman first called on the newspaper to release the videotape, saying it would shed light on the relationship between Obama and Khalidi. Today, McCain repeated the call in an interview with a Cuban radio station, accusing the newspaper of bias and asserting that Ayers was at the event as well—a point that has not been reported anywhere. Palin made the same points from the stump.

The Times has provided four different excuses for not releasing the tape--finally settling on the latest, that "it was provided by a confidential source on condition that it not be released."
In a story published today, the newspaper said it did not publish the tape itself because it was provided by a confidential source on condition that it not be released. “The Times keeps its promises to sources,” said the newspaper’s editor, Russ Stanton.

Ross responds to this latest reason for not the LA Times not publishing the news:

"How frickin' stupid do they think we are? Someone gave the Times a videotape so it wouldn't be released? And they can't publish a transcript?"

Obama's Refusal to Release Medical, Other Records

* Obama Records: Obama Medical, College, University, Other Records Still Hidden
* Obama College, Medical, Birth Records: Who is Barack Obama?
* Obama Medical Records: MSM’s Don’t Ask, Obama’s Don’t Tell Policy
* Obama Records: Obama Campaign Still Refuses to Release Medical, Other Records

Michelle Obama "Friend" of Hamas Fund-Raiser
MO's Name Later Scrubbed from Website Page

The website, Little Green Footballs, has been reporting on the existence of the Obama-Khalidi video at the LA Times and has been keeping track of the excuses the Times has used since being called upon to release the tape. [The LA Times is Hiding an Incriminating Video of Barack Obama at a Party with Radical Palestinian Activists and Bill Ayers]

LGF today reprinted a story from April that was ignored by Big Media at the time: Another Disturbing Unreported Barack Obama Association: a Terrorist Fundraiser.

Back in April, we reported on a page at the Barack Obama website belonging to a fundraiser named Hatem Elhady, former chairman of the Hamas-linked Islamic charity “Kindhearts.” One of the friends listed on Elhady’s page was none other than Michelle Obama, and we have the screenshots to prove it. When this page was exposed at LGF, the Obama campaign first erased Michelle Obama’s name from the page, then shortly afterward, the entire page disappeared.

I’m reposting these LGF articles below, because they got virtually no attention at the time.


Another big Barack Obama supporter: Hatem El-Hady, former chairman of the Toledo-based Islamic charity Kindhearts, closed by the US government in 2006 for terrorist fundraising: Terrorist Fundraisers for Obama.

El-Hady has now devoted himself to raising money for Barack Obama; he has a page at the official Obama campaign web site, with three “friends” listed on it: “Rick,” “Fatima from Toledo, Ohio,” and ... Michelle Obama.

The story at LGF has the page screenshots, both before and after it was laundered.

What the LA Times will report is that Khalidi was often a spokesman for the PLO and that Khalidi and Obama, just like Bill Ayers, lived in the same neighborhood.

In reporting on Obama's presence at the dinner for Khalidi, the article noted that some speakers expressed anger at Israel and at U.S. foreign policy, but that Obama in his comments called for finding common ground.

The Times reported today "Khalidi in the 1970s often spoke to reporters on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Khalidi later lived near Obama while teaching at the University of Chicago. He is now a professor of Arab studies at Columbia University in New York."


Signs that the capitalist spirit is not dead in the Right half of the blogosphere.

From Newsbusters' PJ Gladnick: Obama/Ayers/Dohrn/Khalidi Video: $175,000 Reward/Bribe Offered to Newsmen to Report News:

This is pretty funny. A $175,000 reward/bribe is now being offered for a Los Angeles Times reporter to actually report the news, namely to release the Khalidi video that the Times refuses to let the public see. It started out with a mere $25,000 offer made by Ace of Spades (emphasis mine):

Well, I don't know if one will step forward. I can guarantee, though, that if the goods are delivered the blogosphere can contribute $20,000. In a matter of hours.

Maybe more. More would depend on the tape.

This offer includes is particularly directed towards Los Angeles Times employees. Maybe ones that just got fired. Or will get fired in the next couple of weeks.



That's how we roll.

Pretty pathetic that we have to try to bribe "newsmen" to release newsworthy tapes.

If your conscience is troubled, They should have released it anyway.

Plus that $25,000. You know what helps an aching conscience? Rubbing it with crisp hundred dollar bills, that's what.

Yeah it just went up five g's. If I can get $5 grand in a donation drive, I'm pretty damn sure I can get $25,000 for the tape.

And no, not a stunt. One little blog gets $5 k in a donation drive. Something like this, with every blogger linking the donation button, would easily get in excess of $25,000.

From Dirty Harry's Place, "$150,000 Offered for Obama/Khalidi/Ayers Tape"

I’ve also received another offer from a private donor for an added $25,000 that I’m currently working to verify.

If Jerry Lewis showed up, we might get the bounty up over a quarter mil.


Change and Experience Blog have done a lot of research and have compiled a lot of information including the guest list:(via Stop the ACLU, "$175,000 Reward Offered for Obama Khalidi Tape")

Those who attended (the guest list):
1. AAAN (Arab American Action Network)
2. Not In My Name
3. Ali Abunimah (a Palestinian rights activist in Chicago who helps run Electronic Intifada, who met Obama in 2000)
4. Bernadine Dorhn and Bill Ayers
5. Barack Obama
6. Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley
7. Rashid Khalidi
8. Mona Khalidi
9. Gihad Ali, a Palestinian spoken word poet
10. NPR Worldview host Jerome McDonnell (not McDonald as written in the e-mail)
11. Camilia Odeh (director of SWYC Southwest Youth Collaborative)
12. Sanabel debka troupe (traditional Palestinian dance group)
13. Hatem Abudayyeh
14. Others - Up to 50 to 500, possibly 600 guests (based on Burbank Manor’s seating capacity capabilities)

Who knew?

Will the LA Times release its obviously newsworthy tape, in spite of the political fallout that could affect its chosen candidate?

Like the New York Times and AP, the LA Times makes more news when it suppresses the news than it does when it reports the news. This was true during the media blackout surrounding the John Edwards' scandal.

It's true in this case also.

Maybe the LA Times has hit upon a new business model. One that the editors feel will stop the layoffs, reverse the sagging ad revenues and lift circulation figures.

Or it could just be another sign of the Great American Media Putz-dom continuing--this time in the City of Angels.

by Mondo Frazier
images: dbkp file

Obama-Khalidi Tape: Blogger Obtains Quotes from Hidden Video

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LA Times:
Won't Release Video of Obama-Khalidi

"Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine."

Remember when the LA Times circulated a memo telling its reporters not to write about John Edwards being caught with his mistress--in LA? [John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: LA Times Censors Reporters on Story]. The Times refused to inform its readers of the news until Edwards gave the struggling paper his okay by confessing on ABC's Nightline.

The LA Times is continuing its tradition of censoring news which doesn't fit its editorial room political views.

However, Doug Ross has a RED ALERT: Two Quotes from the Obama-Khalidi Video the LA Times won't release.

From a usually-reliable LA source:

Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can't release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine" plus there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

It would be really controversial if it got out. That's why they will not even let a transcript get out.

To which Ross replies: "Yep, I guess that would do it"

The LA Times can look no further than this latest episode of political censorship for reasons it's in a death spiral.

Who wants to spend hard-earned cash on a newspaper that won't print inconvenient poltical news?

At least LA sales of the National Enquirer should continue to climb at the expense of the LA Times.

by Mondo
image: dbkp file

Culture Watch: October 27 2008

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Culture Watch
by Nancy Morgan

October 27, 2008

Profiles in wishful thinking continue, with New York Magazine joining the rest of the media in declaring Obama the winner ahead of the elections.

This, despite serious questions about Obama's US citizenship status and the emergence of a new videotape of Obama talking about breaking free of the “constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution” and in so doing, achieve “social justice” through “redistributive change.” Sounds like socialism to me. Despite non-stop obamamania, there remains plenty of:

A new ATI-News/Zogby poll shows a clear majority of undecided voters disagree with Obama’s plan for wealth redistribution in America. Another poll shows that you can't fool all of the people all of the time as Congress hits a measly 9% job approval rating.
The average retail price for a gallon of gasoline in the United States plunged more steeply than ever over the last two weeks. Terrorists are panicking as the price of oil continues to plunge, putting a huge dent in their jihad budgets. I'm smiling.

The New York Times is reaping what they sow, as their credit rating was just downgraded to junk status. And Oliver Stone's movie, "W" has tanked, big time.


Crystal Magnum, the stripper responsible for the false accusations against the three Duke lacrosse players is now in Durham, promoting her new book. Inquiring minds want to know why this twit isn't in jail.

In Britain, lawmakers have backed human-embryo research. Also, London buses may soon be plastered with ads proclaiming "There's probably no God" if an atheist group gets its way.

A Japanese woman's sudden divorce from her online husband in a virtual game world made her so angry that she logged on and killed his digital persona. She has actually been arrested. As Thomas Sowell asked, 'Is Reality Optional?'
Meanwhile, a Wisconsin pastor has been charged with felony physical abuse of a child after he spanked his 12 year-old son.

A McCain campaign worker has confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter B into her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker. Usually, its liberals who go to such lengths to become victims. Go figure.


In a worrying sign of how much anti-semitism is creeping back into mainstream American culture, students at a suburban St. Louis middle school last week held "Hit A Jew Day." Also in St. Louis, the Health Department established an HIV testing center at a high school after discovering that as many as 50 teenagers may have been exposed to the virus.

Despite incidents like this, government schools continue to actively promote homosexuality. The latest being a "Coming Out Day" being held at a government elementary school. Parents were not informed.

Just 14% of the stories about John McCain, from the conventions through the final presidential debate, were positive in tone. Why am I not surprised? The media bias in favor of Obama is, however, increasingly apparent to Joe six-pack. A new survey indicates, by a margin of 70% to 9%, Americans say most journalists want to see Obama win.
Bill O'Reilly has re-upped with Fox News. Now, viewers can love and/or hate him for four more years. Cool jeans.


In a blatant appeal to your prurient side, I include a new Victoria's Secret bra. Valued at $5 million, the bra is adorned with 3,575 black diamonds, 34 rubies and 117 one carat round diamonds.

If you're a sensitive soul, easily offended, I have good news. Scientists say it may one day be possible to erase undesirable memories from the brain, selectively and safely. Whoa. Good news also for all the beer drinkers out there. A team of researchers is working to create a beer that could fight cancer and heart disease.

On the other hand, it has been found that half of American doctors regularly give patients placebos instead of the real deal. Not to worry, it appears the placebos work just as well.


People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, again tops the list. They have proposed fish be renamed 'sea-kittens.' Banking, I suppose, on one's natural aversion to eating their pet kitten. Do people still donate to this ludicrous organization?

For more idiots, log onto There are so many idiots that we've launched a weekly 'Idiots Of The Week Awards.'


Till next week, keep smiling,
by Nancy Morgan

Culture Watch may be reprinted, with attribution to

Obama, McCain Flag Pin Watch: Taking Turns Playing Gotcha

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Hey, MsM and Bloggers, Dems and GOP:
Stop the flag pin blood feud!

by Rhonda Roland Shearer

Nicole Belle,, claimed, gotcha!, Apr. 19 08, "Notice Anything? John McCain doesn't wear an American flag pin on THIS WEEK" (Arrows in photos are original to Belle's article. Are they big enough? )
Image source

Taking Turns on the Obama, McCain Flag Pin Watch

On Sunday, Oct. 26, Fox News showed The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck introducing VP candidate Sarah Palin. Hasselbeck emphasized that Palin wears a flag pin for her son, who serves in the Army. Palin reached for her lapel and smiled right on cue, as if she were Hasselbeck’s sidekick modeling jewelry on the Home Shopping Network.

That's fine. But what does the focus on the pin mean for her boss, John McCain, who does not always wear his flag pin? McCain made it clear last October, when he was asked about Barack Obama not wearing a flag pin, that he "doesn't wear a flag pin on a daily basis."

Obama soon started to wear a pin after that dust-up. (See LA Times, Breaking News: Obama caves! Flag pin returns to his coat lapel, Apr.16 2008). Case closed? Not a chance. Dem and GOP pin watchers alike cannot give it up.

Later on Oct. 26, there was Fox News again, this time Hannity's America, flogging the flag pin flap, replaying a 2007 Obama interview - breaking news! - in which he first said he would not wear the flag pin.

Not to be outdone, one web site has assembled a "montage" of press photos of John McCain in the 70 days after he secured the Republican presidential nomination. In none of the more than 1,300 images reviewed between March and May was McCain wearing a flag pin. Yet by the fall, the pin's absence was still enough of an issue that the Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal reported on Oct. 1 that McCain "did not wear an American flag lapel pin during the debate."

So what's the "gotcha" all about?

Continue reading: Hey, MsM and Bloggers, Dems and GOP: Stop the flag pin blood feud!

by Rhonda Roland Shearer

image: Stinky Journalism
source: Hey, MsM and Bloggers, Dems and GOP: Stop the flag pin blood feud!

MSM Investigative Journalists Go After 1964 McCain Auto Accident

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Investigative Journalism:
Vanity Fair, NSNS Hot on Trail of
44-year-old McCain Auto Accident

Media Remains Silent on Obama's Refusal to Release
Medical, College, University and other Records

Huffington Post is all over an auto accident involving John McCain in 1964.

For the past two months, a major American magazine and an allied news service have been engaged in a legal battle with the United States Navy over records that they believe show that John McCain once was involved in an automobile accident that injured or, perhaps, killed another individual.

Vanity Fair magazine and the National Security News Service claim to have knowledge "developed from first-hand sources" of a car crash that involved then-Lt. McCain at the main gate of a Virginia naval base in 1964, according to legal filings. The incident has been largely, if not entirely, kept from the public. And in documents suing the Navy to release pertinent information, lawyers for the NS News Service allege that a cover-up may be at play.

"First-hand sources" are talking, according to the report--yet those "first-hand sources" can't say if the auto accident killed another person?

While HuffPo, Vanity Fair and the NSNS are fighting the good fight over an auto accident 44 years ago, the brave trio are still silent over more recent records: the medical, college, university and other records of Barack Obama.

ALSO at DBKP: Obama's Refusal to Release Medical, Other Records

* Obama Records: Obama Medical, College, University, Other Records Still Hidden
* Obama College, Medical, Birth Records: Who is Barack Obama?
* Obama Medical Records: MSM’s Don’t Ask, Obama’s Don’t Tell Policy
* Obama Records: Obama Campaign Still Refuses to Release Medical, Other Records
* Obama Birth Certificate: Ruling in Berg v. Obama Expected In Next Two Days- UPDATED
* Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit: Obama, DNC Fail to Respond-UPDATED
* Washington Man Files Lawsuit over Obama Citizenship Questions

Given our crazy driving record during our teen years, we'd be the last to criticize someone's driving. But, it seems that regardless of what happened, the McCain campaign could easily dismiss it with a two-sentence press release.

"Barack Obama was only three years old when this happened. John McCain deplores killing people with automobiles."

Because this story involves John McCain, we expect this story to get wide play from the Mainstream Media.

An MSM that has remained silent on the refusal of the Obama campaign to release records of a much more recent vintage.

John McCain's 44-year-old auto accident may or may not determine the type of president he will be. Just as Obama's medical, college, university and other records may or may not determine what type of president he will be.

Information about the auto accident will be added to an extensive body of McCain knowledge.

Information about Barack Obama is much harder to come by--or reported.

Cover-ups are in the eye of the beholder, it seems.

by Mondo Frazier
hat tip: What's Your Evidence
image: myperformancechiropractic

MSM Death Watch: Polls, TV News and AP Rogue Newspapers

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Mainstream Media:
Gatekeepers' Media Death Watch

October 29, 2008

* Why Polls Don't Work
* Why TV News Never Worked Out As Adversarial
* AP Papers Going Rogue
* Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) Wants "Fairness"
* Obama RedistributionMania
* LA Times: Arrogant Info Overseer

MSM Shake, Death Rattle and Roll

"Look! Up in the sky!
It's a Hawk!
It's over Iowa!
It's IowaHawk!"

We present for your edification:

The Short Course in Why You Should Mathematically and Statistically Distrust Polls 101;
or, in layman's language, "Balls and Urns".
Brought to you as a public service by IowaHawk Educational Services.
Hat tip: Little Green Footballs: IowaHawk on the Abuse of Statistics

The Future of TV News in the Post-Russert Era
explains why TV network news will eventually go the way of the buggy whip.

This idea of a friendly news-government relationship is the opposite of what the Founding Fathers wanted. They wanted an adversarial relationship between the press and the government. The country’s founding premise was that the public must continually protect itself from governments’ natural inclination to encroach on their individual rights. Jefferson wanted newspapers to serve as a “fence” to stop this encroachment and encouraged them to engage in a process of “attack and defense” with government. In fact, he established a newspaper with James Madison to bloody-up Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists during Washington’s administration.

You didn’t notice that network news deliberately tries to be friendly to politicians? Just compare network to cable news coverage. Cable TV requires no broadcast licenses from the federal government – there’s no need for these channels to keep FCC political appointees happy. Note how much hotter the political talk is on cable vs. broadcast news. On cable, you find politician-attackers like Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann. On broadcast, you find suck-ups like Brian Williams and Katie Couric.

The only TV stations engaging the Obama campaign in an adversarial relationship seem to be getting hit with the ban stick: first, in Florida, Obama Campaign Cuts Access for Florida TV Station Asking Unpleasant Questions UPDATED; then, in

* Democratic Senator Tells Conservative Radio Station He’d Re-impose Fairness Doctrine--on Them

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) told radio station 770 AM KKOB in Albuquerque, N.M., that he didn’t know if Democrats in Congress will try to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine next year – but he would certainly like them to.

AP and Rogue Newspapers

* Bob McCarty: Newspapers Turning Away From Associated Press?

AP = Associated Pap

* Brewing battle between AP and its member newspapers will make papers healthier and their readers happier

Lost Remote reports that there is growing interest around the country in Ohio newspapers’ plans to side-step the Associated Press and share statewide news only among themselves, ensuring that their papers are the exclusive sources for their original stories. Some papers feel they are simply being taken advantage of by the AP. The editor of the Columbus (OH) Dispatch said “What has happened is we’re becoming the wire service for the wire service,” as the AP lifts their statewide stories and distributes them to others.

Obama's tricks with your treats.

* Is Obama Planning to Redistribute Chocolate, Too?

Barack Obama shrugs off charges of socialism, but noted in his own memoir that he carefully chose Marxist professors as friends in college.

* Obama Affinity to Marxists Dates Back to College Days

The LA Times makes decision (again) to not inform their readers.

Remember when the LA Times circulated a memo telling its reporters not to write anything about John Edwards in their blogs? [John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: LA Times Censors Reporters on Story] Now the Times is formalizing its policy of Arrogant Info Overseer, Southern Cal Division, with its refusal to release a 2003 video tape it has obtained of Barack Obama yukking it up with--ready?--some questionable associates.

* McCain Campaign Demands LA Times Release Hidden Video Tape

The Times is working on its fourth or fifth different excuse for not releasing the tape. #6 is right around the corner...

by Mondo Frazier
images: dbkp file

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