Two Politically-Incorrect Pix of Obama

A Saturday Obama Two-fer
* Messiah of the Year
* New Reality Show

RidesAPaleHorse sent us the above image after reading "Competing optics: Cheering Germans or American military? Update: Snubbing wounded soldiers? Update: Touring Berlin instead? Update: It is/is not a campaign event?" at Hot Air.

Of course, this image is not appropriate for serious media discussions about Barack Obama, who very well could be our 44th president.

So, we looked around and found a much more appropriate RAPH image for those who crave the policially-incorrect.

Since it's mildly NSFW (Not safe for work), readers may access it by clicking on the link below.

Politically Incorrect Pic of Barack Obama - NSFW

Two-for-one Saturday politicaly-incorrect antics are almost as much fun as cartoons used to be.

by Mondoreb & RidesAPaleHorse
images: RidesAPaleHorse
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