Larry Sinclair Claims Delaware Arrest Part of Vast Conspiracy

Larry Sinclair is once again in trouble with the law. According to Larry, it's not his fault but part of a vast Obama conspiracy involving Obama, Joe Biden, Biden's son, Beau, who's the Attorney General of Delaware, and the D.C. Metro police and courts.

Sinclair, who was arrested after his press conference at the National Press Club June 18, then released after posting a bond in a Delaware Superior Court the following Monday, has admitted on his website that he is involved in yet another criminal matter in another state, this time Delaware.

Sinclair, who alleges he met up with then State Representative Barack Obama back in November of 1999 for an illegal drug and gay sex tryst, claims the arrest at the end of his press conference was a "set-up" involving not only Senator Obama but also Senator Joe Biden and his son, the Attorney General of Delaware, Beau Biden, the D.C. Metro police and court.

Sinclair claims that he was arrested by D.C. Metro police after they stated they held a "Fugitive From Justice" warrant. Sinclair, who admitted at the time of his arrest that he was in the company of his attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, claims the detectives never produced a warrant. Sinclair was held in the D.C. jail until he appeared at a Delaware Superior Court where he was released on bond.


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Sinclair, who hasn't been shy about asking for cash "donations" or "contributions" on his website, claims his arrest was a "set-up" and that he was held in the D.C. Metro jail as a political prisoner. While Sinclair alleges the D.C. cops "lied" when they said they had a Fugitive from Justice warrant, the fact remains that Sinclair was subsequently released on a personal bond in Delaware. Sinclair then called for supporters to pony up more cash for this latest brush with the law, this time for a $10,000 attorney retainer fee.

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