Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama: DBKP Believability Comparison Challenge

Who's More Believable?
Barack Obama vs. Larry Sinclair

Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: two men on a mission, with different agendas, backed by rabid--some would say "mindless"--supporters.

Obama is the presumptive Democrat nominee; Sinclair is the man who claims Obama shared gay sex and cocaine in the back of a limo in 1999. He also later claimed that the choir master of Obama's Trinity Church, Donald Young, was murdered by the Obama forces. Additionally, Sinclair asserts that Young contacted him several times before Young was killed.

Sinclair has offered absolutely no evidence to back up his wild allegations of gay sex, drugs and murder. "", Obama's website, was launched specifically to combat wild allegations and rumors--yet, it has remained absolutely silent about Sinclair.

Both men have their fans, Obama's supporters being somewhat larger than Sinclair's. Arguments have broken out in chat rooms and on the comment sections of several blogs.

So, who does one believe?

Being a big believer in math, we decided to run the numbers, because, although men with something to gain might not always tell the truth, NUMBERS DON'T LIE. With this in mind, we compared the two men in sixteen different areas.

The results are published--for the very first time!--below.

As always, we'll let the readers look at the facts and make up their own minds.


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Barack Obama vs. Larry Sinclair
Who's More Believable?

Features & CharacteristicsBarack Obama - SCORELarry Sinclair - SCORE
Smooth talker; Believable to casual observer YES! YES!
Changes story when "facts" are checked YES! YES!
Changes story yet again after further "fact" checking reveals "holes" in latest "clarification" YES! YES!
Served U.S. Senate term in Washington DC YES! NO
Served a Felony Prison term in Colorado NO YES!
Endless Appeals to Supporters for Money YES! YES!
Represented citizens of Illinois YES! NO
Represented by attorney wearing a kilt NO YES!
Has several YouTube videos YES! YES!
Internet website has a theme of "HOPE! CHANGE!" YES! NO
Internet website has a theme of "HOPE you have some CHANGE?"NO YES!
Evasive about past associations and events YES! YES!
Has had more than one name he was known by at various times in his life YES! YES!
Good man to have in a pick-up basketball game YES! NO
Picked up a good man NO YES!
Free of Felony Fraud Convictions YES! NO

The results are clear: the winner is Barack Obama by a score of 12 'yes' to 11.

What is not so clear is if anyone's mind--on either side--will be changed by the presentation of this evidence.

But no one can accuse us of not trying.

by Mondoreb
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