Fourth of July: Not Just Another Date in American History

The fourth of July is NOT just a date in our history.

As we prepare for our Independence Day celebration, I started thinking about the idea of independence. Let's take a look at the word:

According to Merriam Webster:

Main Entry:

<>Pronunciation: \ˌin-də-ˈpen-dən(t)s\<>
Function: noun
1: the quality or state of being independent (see below)
2archaic : COMPETENCE 1

Main Entry:
<>Pronunciation: \ˌin-də-ˈpen-dənt\
Function: adjective
1: not dependent: as a (1): not subject to control by others : self governing (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit; an independent bookstore b (1): not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent independent conclusion> (2): not looking to others for one's opinions or for guidance in conduct (3): not bound by or committed to a political party c (1): not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood) <independent of her parents> (2): being enough to free one from the necessity of working for a living independent means>d: showing a desire for freedom independent manner> e (1): not determined by or capable of being deduced or derived from or expressed in terms of members (as axioms or equations) of the set under consideration; especially : having linear independence; (an) independent set of vectors> (2): having the property that the joint probability (as of events or samples) or the joint probability density function (as of random variables) equals the product of the probabilities or probability density functions of separate occurrence 2capitalized : of or relating to the Independents3 a: main 5 independent clause> b: neither deducible from nor incompatible with another statement <independent postulates>

We are told that our economy is dependent on illegal immigrants. Why is this so? Could it be that it's because they will work for less, flooding the job markets and depriving our own citizens including our young people looking for their first entry level job, of the opportunity to have those jobs to support their own families or to begin to learn the value of a work ethic? Never mind the additional burden of overused public services and criminal activity that inevitably come with unabated illegal immigration. Who, exactly, is it that is dependent on illegal immigrants? That "they will do the jobs that Americans won't do" is merely a distraction from the real problem which is that we've been told that we depend on them to do just that.

We are becoming more and more dependent on foreign countries for the production of things we could and should be making here, in our own country. Why? Could it be that government regulation and tax structures make it difficult, if not impossible, to turn a profit on the products which is the basis for being in business in the first place? Could it be that those two things--in addition to others--are the reason so many jobs have been "outsourced" to other countries?

We depend more and more on China and other (mostly) Asian countries to produce consumer goods that, in most cases, are inferior to those produced here--and in some cases even more dangerous to our health and well being. The more we dependon foreign entities to produce even our military equipment and ammunition for example, the more danger we put ourselves in should the need arise to produce those things ourselves.

We once were able to defeat the forces of evil because of our ability to extract our own natural resources and had the manufacturing capabilities to out-produce any nation on earth. What will happen if those who now produce our weapons and supplies turn against us? What would it take to get American industry back on it's feet enough to be able to supply us once again? And would we, considering the technology and time it takes to launch an attack in todays world, have enough time to be able to respond to that kind of threat?

That we are dependent on others for this kind of production is a sad commentary on our abilities as Americans to be independent.

There was a time in this country that people had to fend for themselves. Yes, there was poverty and sickness and a lot of other negatives that go along with being a free country and some depended on others good will and generosity for their existence.

Churches and other religious and secular organizations banded together to help those in need--as they still do today. However, more and more we are told that government is the solution to those problems. Many have become dependent on government for their every need. Generations of people have been on welfare and other assistance programs. They depend on the transfer of resources from the taxpayer to them without even so much as a thank you or an effort to make themselves independent.

Welfare and other transfer payments are nothing more than modern-day slavery. Making more people dependent on others for their lives doesn't seem to be the definition of independence, And with the looming prospect of government run healthcare putting even more people in the position of being dependent on government can you say that we are moving more toward independence?

Independence, that which we are celebrating today, was a move away from an oppressive and increasingly hostile government to it's own people. The more people allow government to control every aspect of their lives, the less independent we become. And the more government allows us or forces us to become dependent on others for oil, consumer products, weapons, ammunition, steel and all the other commodities that are essential for our freedom, the weaker and even more dependent we become as a nation. Make no mistake about this. Our enemies are watching and they are amused by our "independence".

Think about it. Are we really as independent as we would like to believe? Are we moving ever farther away from the ideas and ideals the founding fathers worked so hard to commit this country to? The values and freedoms that so many have fought and died for?

Is this the independent United States of America that it once was? Not in my estimation. But we could be again.

What is needed is another revolution or many. A revolution to throw off the shackles of dependency on other foreign entities in favor of using our own God given resources.

A revolution of attitudes that government is the answer to all our problems.

A revolution of individuals taking control of their own lives and the acceptance of personal responsibility, becoming truly independent.

A revolution that allows us to help each other instead of being dependent on one another.

We have been lulled into complacency by our elected "leaders" telling us that we can't do it on our own, that we need all the help we can get. Don't forget the most terrifying words in one sentence as outlined by Ronald Reagan:

"I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

Happy Independence day! Be responsible. Be independent.

by RidesAPaleHorse
images: cafepress; public domain clipart
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