Baby Grace Mom Gives Birth in Jail

Kimberly Trenor, the 19-yr-old mother of the little girl known as Baby Grace, has given birth to a baby boy while incarcerated at the Galveston County Jail.

Trenor, who sits in jail awaiting trial for the death of her 2-yr-old daughter, Riley Ann Sawyers, gave birth to Shawn Michael Trenor on June 26. Relatives of Trenor who live in Dallas have been approved as foster parents.

Riley's unidentified body, wrapped in plastic and stored inside a storage tote, was found on a sand bar by a fisherman last November just east of Galveston Island TX . Her mother and boyfriend, 25-yr-old Royce Zeigler of Spring, Texas, are charged with murdering Riley then dumping her body off the Galveston Causeway.

Riley was dubbed Baby Grace after authorities were unable to identify who she was. There was at one time speculation that Baby Grace might have been a little British girl, Madeline McCann, who had gone missing while on holiday with her parents in Portugal. Madeline had disappeared from her parent's resort hotel room while they dined with friends at restaurant a short distance away on May 3. The reason why there was a possibility Madeline could have been Baby Grace was that the area where Baby Grace's body was found was where international ships passed by plus both little girls had similar features. Madeline remains missing while Baby Grace, the little girl no one had come forward to claim, was finally identified after a woman in Ohio, much to her horror, saw Baby Grace's FBI sketch and believed it could be her little granddaughter, Riley Ann Sawyers.

The Galveston County authorities, along with the FBI, released a sketch of Baby Grace with the request to please help identify the little girl now known as Baby Grace. It was Riley's father's mother in Ohio who recognized the sketch as possibly belonging to her little granddaughter.

Riley had relocated with her mother, Kimberly Trenor, to Spring TX last summer to live Zeigler, whom she had met on the internet. Riley was allegedly killed sometime before the end of November by Kimberly and Zeigler, who then stored her little body in the plastic tote for several weeks in a shed in Zeigler's back yard. An autopsy revealed Riley had been beaten and had several skull fractures. Trenor, in a statement to authorities, detailed the day Riley died, of hours of beatings, attempts to drown her in the bathtub, of holding a pillow over her face, all because Riley allegedly wouldn't say "please" or "thank you".

Both have been charged with capital murder. The prosecutor declined to seek the death penalty.


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