USA, Illegal Immigration: Se Habla English

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Thirty years is not a long time, unless one is totaling up the societal change brought about by uncontrolled, lawless, winked-at illegal immigration.

Thirty years ago, bilingual signs and "Press one for English" were still just one possible future for this country. "Sorry to see you go, come back the right way" and "Learn English--or go home!" were other paths that could have been chosen--and were not.

A shared language is important to a country that has few other shared traits. One of the glues which has bound immigrants from all over the world to their new host country was the learning of English.

In parts of the USA, that glue is not holding very well.

Possible futures-yet-to-come in thirty years?

Hopefully, "Se habla English?" is not among them.

by Mondoreb
image: tattooedcouple

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