Larry Sinclair, Obama: Lots of Fund Raisers, Little Proof of Allegations

The Continuing Saga of a Man who Stretched his 15 Minutes of Fame into 4 months.

Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair, the one-man, lawsuit-filing, banana-nut-bread-baking, Obama-accusing, money-begging, blog-spawning, running-from-the-law intimidation machine has had his initial lawsuit (against Barack Obama for intimidation and other Legal Larryisms) dismissed by the courts.

When this FACT (which was linked to the original court documents) was recently reported by DBKP's LBG, we were told (by a loyal Larry Legion enlistee) that our "information was obsolete". Larry himself characterized our reporting as "misinformation". Another Larrysuit was cited--there are several, including one against three anonymous posters who disagreed with Larry's World outlook--as "proof" that Sinclair's struggles against the Man continues.

We're not sure how a lawsuit which names "TubeSockTedD", "mzmolly" and "OWNINGLIARS" as the offending parties affects Larry's Incredible Shrinking Credibility.

Larry Legal Lollapalooza continues. It's the perfect cure for people who feel that their own lives lack drama.

As a scandal, the Obama-Sinclair story is fast sinking into the sunset; it's sadly turned into something altogether different than the story we started covering in the beginning.

Originally, Larry brought forth accusations that he and Barack Obama were the members of an exclusive sex-and-drugs party in the back of Larry's limo in 1999 in Gurnee, IL. DBKP has dutifully reported on the accusations, Sinclair's subsequent flunking of a polygraph, and the many twists and turns in the story of a man who declares he is "interested in revealing the truth about Barack Obama". Say what you will, Sinclair's a public-minded individual, according to Larry.

Initially, we gave Sinclair and his claims a fair hearing. But, when someone brings serious accusations against a presidential candidate--and we can muster little enthusiasm for any of Obama's stands on the issues--the burden of proof falls on the accuser. Sinclair, 4 months and counting after since the release of his YouTube video detailing his initial accusations, has come up empty in the Proof Department.


Larry Sinclair: Library of DBKP Stories on Obama Accuser

When readers of his accusations--they have grown to include other persons and issues--raise any point concerning the little matter of evidence, they are put into the Larry-O-Matic Response-A-Tator.

1- They're called a name; "Bitch" is popular.
2- They're labeled as an Agent of Obama by Larry or his minions, who lurk beneath the surface of the blog and contribute to the cause; either monetarily or by hounding non-believers.
3- They're threatened. Verbal abuse is the appetizer, then Chef Larry hints at darker legal fates. Now, Sinclair employs a trusty host of Mini-Larries to attack the skeptical. But ocassionally, he will tear himself away from the oven and launch his own verbal salvos.
4- The subject is changed. Can't produce proof about Obama? In LarryWorld, it's an acceptable substitute to offer observations about the inquirer's mother--or about something, anything, different. As long as it's not about the uncomfortable topic raised by the reader, then it works.

Like Forrest Gump, Larry seems to have been present at pivotal moments in history. First, it was his chance encounter with a then-state senator Obama. Then, gay choir master--now murdered--at Obama's Trinity Church, Donald Young, had an itch that could only be scratched by calling--Voila!--Larry Sinclair.

We're still reluctantly holding to the premise that "Even a nutbag can have unbelievable experiences." A look back at early DBKP Larry Sinclair stories will validate our claim of even-handedness when Larry first came forward. We were interested in whether he had a story and getting it out.

After monitoring the situation for four months, it's hard not to conclude that the only story here remains the story of how Larry can grow his PayPal account. The latest is an on-line raffle, the legality of which has been chronicled elsewhere, most notably on the Mitch and Nan Show blog.

But the story of Larry Sinclair will continue.

It just will have little to do about Barack Obama and much to do about Larry Sinclair.

And that's just the way Larry would like it.

If you don't agree with Barack Obama--and his stands on the issues are pure, sweet 100% liberal pap--then there are more valuable ways to oppose him than following the exploits of a gay Minnesota man, wanted by several states, who may or may not be terminally ill, begging people on his blog for money. Time spent for Larry is less time to better acquaint readers with the Man of Audacity, Barack Obama.

Reading Larry's blogs--and the comments of the adoring Larrybots--reminds one of a surreal Jerry Lewis Telethon, where the only handicap they're raising money for is a lack of propriety. Like our earlier post today concerning Ted Kennedy, we don't have to agree with Larry to wish him well and hope that life evens out for him.

The inky, squid-like substance that Larry keeps using as a substitute for any proof of his original accusations has also obscured, up until now, any reason to keep following the story of Larry Sinclair.

Other than for the pure love of a on-going, Jerry Springer-like saga.

by Mondoreb
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