Illegal Immigration: May Day or Che Day?

La Cosa Nostra perhaps should have employed the same PR tactic in the 1960s against the FBI as illegal immigration boosters use. Call the FBI agents "racists" and organize marches.

Americans of the 1960s would have easily seen through the tactic of calling law enforcement agencies, or citizens wanting the law to be enforced, "racists". It remains to be seen of Americans in 2008.

Polls consistently show Americans want border laws enforced in 2008. Polls also consistently show little faith in most of their present representatives to do so.

Note to Senators Kennedy and McCain, et. al., al-Qaida, gang members and members of drug cartels: attempts to enforce the law are not "racist".

Not that any of the above are known to be good listeners.

May Day 2008: Chicago!

Our coverage of the third annual Pro-amnesty tantrum here in Chicago. This is the official blogburst for the week, we plan on taking the weekend off and enjoying the heck out of it!

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Just mark it down as an early celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

by Mondoreb
images: May Day or Che Day? You Decide
Source: Blogs4Borders! May Day Edition! 050108

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