Mens Fitness Names Obama One of 25 Fittest Guys

Obama One of America's "25 Fittest Guys"?
No, seriously...

Men's Fitness Magazine has just announced that it's May 19 issue will declare Barrack Obama among the 25 most fit men in America. Yes, you read correctly. The Smoking Gutter Ball is more hail than any marathoner, Olympian, professional or college athlete save the other 24 men of extraordinary physical condition. Why?

“It takes a certain stamina to endure months of 16-hour days in pursuit of the land’s highest office. Obama is not the first politician dedicated to fitness, but the Illinois senator starts every day with a morning workout, whether it’s machines at the hotel gym or a brisk 45-minute run. He’s also quit smoking. Obama can be excused for enjoying the occasional state-fair corn dog because he mostly stays away from fatty foods.

He’s also, as we’ve seen, a bit of a baller. Nicknamed “Barry O’Bomber” for his jump shot, the former high school hoopster now releases stress during pickup games—-including one on every primary day.

“He’s wiry-looking but actually pretty strong,” former Duke player and Obama staffer, Reggie Love, has said. “And he hates losing. He plays hard.”

Now that we know.

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That is right. The waffles were but a passing abnormal breakdown. The famous supersized omelet with potatoes (Hey, is that an 'e' in potato?) and ham, but your mere imagination.

The rarity of the treat likely explains the gusto with which he devours that sugary lemonade.

But, whoa,

And those 45 minute runs?

That is about 15 minutes longer than a beginners run. And hardly impressive.

50% of Americans exercise daily. President Bush has a resting pulse in the 50's. He does far more than a brisk run, being an avid trail rider. I wonder what Barry's pulse rate, blood pressure, trigycerides etc are? That is far more telling than anecdotes about his ability to turn down a second corn dog.

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