Judge Rules 12-yr-old Can Have Sex Change

We've learned of a judge in Melbourne, Australia who has issued a ruling that has stunning repercussions: a 12-yr-old girl can undergo a sex change despite the objections of her father.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl cannot be named in the press because of her age yet her age, at least to the courts, doesn't preclude her from the ability to begin to undergo hormone treatments, the first stage of an eventual sex-change.

A relative of the girl claims the mother has been after the girl to become a boy after a bitter divorce from the girl's father. The father is caught in the twilight world of divorced parents; he can no longer afford to legally fight against what could be construed as a world gone mad: a mother bent on brainwashing her daughter to become another gender, medical professionals who are willing to play of God, giving their approval to change his daughter into a boy, and a court where the Judge has become Jester.

A medical ethicist said that the ruling was "astounding". Dr. Nicholas Tonti-Filippini also said that he failed to see how it "could be in the best interests of a young girl to undergo treatment that will change the rest of her life".

In another case of physicians playing God, in 2007 a 12-yr-old boy in Germany became the world's youngest sex change patient after psychiatrists and doctors concluded "only a sex-change" would suffice in alleviating a boy's misery that he should have been born a girl.

Why are these adults in such a rush to change a child's gender? Granted these children were diagnosed as "unhappy" but how many of us can remember decisions we held during our pre-teen years that no longer hold true. What if in a few years, the boy-now-a-girl or the girl-now-a-boy has gender buyer remorse?

We believe society should take a closer look at the adults in these types of situations. After all, a 12-yr-old is just a 12-yr-old yet these adults made the decision to start invasive medical procedures of which the end result would be a irreversible change to the child's own body and gender. The doctors, parents, and courts made the decision based on the supposed unhappiness of the child.

Since when do we move heaven and earth and perform twisted sexual procedures on children so they can be happy? Leave the children alone until they've at least reached 18. There is no need for this type of instant sexual gender gratification for pre-teens. As we all know, young teens are notorious for changing their minds.

As for the adults in this sordid sequence of events, we question their motives. Why are parents so willing to medically change their children's genders? Why are professionals giving those parents their medical blessing, and why are doctors willing to perform the necessary procedures? Why should a judge by allowed to decide whether a child can obtain a sex-change? There should be a law which takes these types of decisions out of the courts, that children cannot have their genders monkeyed with until they're adults, not by their parents, not by medical professionals, and not by decisions made by some judge.

Changing a child's sex should be criminal but the courts are part of this grand scheme. We're beginning to see the benefits of good old fashioned tar and feathering.

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