Doug Ross Picture of the Year: 100 Percent Snark Free

There is such a thing as "Truth in Advertising".

It's demonstrated at Doug Ross@Journal. The headline over the above picture is "Picture 'O the Year Nominee".

We'd agree.

Slices of life, illustrated by pictures such as this one, confirm why politics is so important. The picture shows a boy and his dog enjoying a quiet moment in a good life--or so any reader would wish.

But, pictures like this are still a nice break from the rough-and-tumble of daily detailing of the mischief of politicians. Doug Ross@Journal promises "75% snark-free diatribes on politics, technology & security".

We'd say 100% snark-free on this particular post.

by Mondoreb
image/source: Picture 'O the Year Nominee - Bigger, Better!.
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