Pittsburgh Steelers: Was Ben Rothliesberger Worth It?

Steeler QBs since Terry Bradshaw

Steeler Nation under Ben

As it turns out Mondoreb and myself are both fans of the vaunted and mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. However, as much as we bleed Black and Gold, we disagree on the multi-year, multi-million dollar signing of Ben Rothliesberger.

Mondo is still high on the Super Bowl win--considering it was the first Steelers Super Bowl victory since the days of Terry Bradshaw. I on the other hand, am very skeptical, due to the Steelers' history of disappointing quarterbacks since Terry Bradshaw.

Steeler Quarterbacks Since Bradshaw

Cliff Stoudt
: I know. I don't even remember this guy but he took over
for an injured Terry Bradshaw in 1983. After the '83 season he went to play in the USFL. How did that work out Cliff?

David Woodley: His biggest claim to fame was being the quarterback between legends Bob Griese and Dan Marino on the Miami Dolphins. He split snaps with Mark Malone for one season in Pittsburgh.

Mark Malone: Not a horrible quarterback but not a great one either. He's a better announcer than he was a quarterback. Both the fans and his teammates couldn't stand him as he blamed his game mistakes on other teammates.

Bubby Brister: Won two Super Bowl rings by holding John Elway's clipboard. Got to some playoffs with Pittsburgh but didn't do all that well in the post season.

O'Donnell under pressure

Neil O'Donnell: Neil took The Steelers to the Super Bowl where he threw two of the best passes of his life...to Larry Brown of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jim Miller/Mike Tomczak: 'Nuff said.

Kordell Stewart: Too unpredictable. One year he's going to the AFC championship game, the next he's throwing Neil O'Donnel-like
interceptions. He was great in his "Slash" role, but mediocre--at best--as a quarterback.

Kent Graham: See Jim Miller/Mike Tomczak

Tommy Maddox under pressure

Tommy Maddox: My favorite XFL player that wasn't He Hate Me. Tommy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Did great in his first season with the Steelers then history repeated itself with Tommy having a 6-10
second season.

Which brings us to Ben.

If you look at his stats, he has the ability to be even better than Bradshaw ever was. When it's all said and done he could have a fistful of Super Bowl rings. However, I think it was too early to sign him to an 8 year deal and I'll give you a stupid reason why: his motorcycle accident.

I thought it showed great immaturity to not wear a helmet when the Steelers are paying you large sums of money to take them to another Super Bowl. Last season he showed definite improvement from his "accident season", but I don't think it was enough of a test for the Steelers to sign him to this deal.

I think the upcoming season will be the true acid test for Ben.

by Trench Reynolds

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