Hell's Belles: All-Female AC DC Tribute Band


ACDC on the left; Hell's Belles on the right

These days, it's all about niche marketing: providing an audience or market that is under-served with a product or information of which they want more.

And that's where HELL'S BELLES come in. They are billed as the "World's foremost all-female AC/DC tribute band".

Who can doubt this statement?

The Belles provide the masses of fans of AC/DC an outlet for their adoration. If it happens to come in the form of females presenting it, so much the better for a sizable segment of the AC/DC worldwide fan base.

We now present pix from Hell's Belles.

This has been today's lesson in Niche Marketing and Tribute Bands 101.

More on all things Hell's Belles at their website.

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by Mondoreb
hat tip: Scott & Vickie
images: Hell's Belles
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