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[NOTE: Posted originally at the Outraged Spleen of Zion, a collection of links of strange and compelling beauty--and the weird. Conclusion: Full of meaty, all-beef USDA Prime link goodness.]

* Ted Kennedy and the KGB

* Maid found hanging from fan

* Bob Barr: He's In It to Lose It

* Finding a Reason to Do Nothing
Bush urged to address Muslim 'hate' in books

* Cleric: Ex-Muslims Should be Reasoned With - Then Killed...

* 'Freedom Fighters' Use 8-Year-Old Girl as Human Bomb...

* BREAKING NEWS: State news agency says China quake death could top 50,000

* Pakistan: Man accused of spying for US beheaded


* Rwanda genocide survivor burnt alive by gang
Link Wray AKBAR!

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