All DBKP stories and videos (and in this case, photos) about Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, the MySpace Mayor of Arlington, OR. Kontur-Gronquist posed in her panties and bra on the town's firetruck for pictures for her MySpace page.

After the pictures became public in late January 2008, Kontur-Gronquist lost by a narrow margin in the town's recall election and was booted out of her job. Her story continues after she filed a lawsuit suing the town over the loss of her job.

The MySpace Mayor: Carmen Kontur-Gronquist


UPDATED: May 9, 2008

* MySpace Mayor, Kontur-Gronquist Files Suit to Get Job Back

* MySpace Mayor, Carmen Kontur-Gronquist Loses Her Job over Underwear Pix

* MySpace Mayor: Loses Job After Losing All But her Underwear in Now-Famous Pix

* MySpace Mayor Quiet as Others Ride to Her Rescue

* MySpace Mayor Poses in Underwear on Town Firetruck

by Mondoreb

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