Wife Who Dumped Spouse in Acid Vat Sentenced to Life Without Parole

Larissa Schuster

In what can only be described as an heinous attempt to get rid of an estranged spouse, biochemist Larissa Schuster was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after she was found guilty in the murder of her husband.

The details are gruesome: The 47-yr.-old Schuster and a former lab assistant, James Fagone, murdered Schuster's estranged spouse, Timothy Schuster, back in July of 2003. The two immobilized Schuster with a stun gun then slapped a chloroform-soaked rag across his face. Schuster's feet and hands were bound, then the horror part: he was dumped, head first into a 55-gallon drum, where hydrochloric acid was poured over him while, prosecutors claim, he was still alive.

Schuster's body was found days after he was reported missing in a storage unit rented by his wife. By then half of his body had dissolved, only the lower part, from the belt down, remained.

Schuster's wife was convicted under special circumstances because the prosecution proved she stood to make financial gain from her husband's death. They had been married nearly twenty years.

Larissa Schuster isn't an anomaly in the world of long term marriages where one partner murders the other for financial gain. In hindsight, the biochemist had less to lose settling financially with her husband instead of murdering him by way of an acid vat.

Schuster joins the ranks of other professionals who, rather than splitting up the martial property, terminate their long-term partner.

The Prominent Allergist

Dr. Dirk Greineder capivated CourtTV audiences during his trial with his version of what transpired in a park near he and his wife's Wellesley home back in 1999. Greineder, a prominent allergist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, denied he was the one who murdered his wife while the two were out "for a walk".

Dr. Dirk Greineder

Greineder and his wife had been married for 31 years. The prosecution's theory was that Greineder's wife had discovered his stash of internet porn and his addiction to prostitutes. Greineder wasn't charged until after his wife's funeral where he described her as someone with an "intense personal responsibility and commitment" and "ethical bearing".

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