London's Giant Telescope

The Amazing Telectroscope
A view of New York's Brooklyn Bridge from across the Atlantic at London's Tower Bridge

Imagine being able to spy on your neighbors... from 3470 miles away. Londoners can now spy on their New York neighbors with the help of the amazing Telectroscope. And vice-versa.

Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those eyes?
(The British end of the Telectroscope at the Tower Bridge in London)

It looks amazing, but it's actually a little more high tech than a telescope. The inventor, Paul St. George, a London artist, isn't saying how the images are relayed but some claim they're the result of fiber optic technology or broadband and satellite imagery.

I Spy Cop Guys
(All the way from London)

St. George has added a bit of mystery to his device, claiming he's merely added on to tunnel built beneath the Atlantic by his great-grandfather. We're busy compiling a list of sites we'd love to "spy" on or perhaps a pair of giant tin cans connected by string.

We think St. George's "telescope" is kind of cool, a toy for all ages.

Images - Daily Mail - The Amazing Telescope That Lets You See New York From London's Tower Bridge
Source - Daily Mail
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