Illegal Immigration: Just Another Trendy Cause

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Illegal immigration is a touchy subject in America. Immigration has always been a touchy subject to some, but illegal immigration is VERY touchy. The fact that there is even a debate on illegal immigration is a sign of the strength of liberals and fuzzy-thinking RINOs.

One would expect persons breaking the law to have arguments for their actions. When elected representatives--pandering for possible votes--put the wishes of outlaws over the well-being of their constituents, it's a hard thing to swallow.

But, the price today for John McCain and Ted Kennedy to have agreeable Washington cocktail party buzz is non-enforcement of immigration law; someone must bear the burden: for now, it happens to be law-abiding citizens of the USA. Couple of month ago, those paying the price were stockholders of oil companies; by the end of the summer, it may be families. One never knows what will next excite the mind of liberals.

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Simcox is the cofounder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) and the project's main spokesperson. He was formerly a kindergarten teacher at the Wildwood School in Los Angeles, where he taught for thirteen years.

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