Hitlery Clinton: Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Might be time for "Hitlery" to find a nice, quiet bunker.
Imagery equating Clinton with Hitler abounds on the web

Everywhere she looks, Hillary Clinton sees misgivings about Barack Obama--except from the Obamaniacs, the Mainstream press and Democratic king-makers--yet, she can do no little more than try to wrap up the primary season with wins and jaw-jaw the Super-Delegates to line up behind her.

As RidesAPaleHorse says, "Hillary smelling the coffee brewing??"

Meanwhile, Hillary tries to rally the troops by pulling a page out of the MSM Obama playbook: anyone who is not for her, is a "sexist". Just as pundits labeled voters who pulled the lever in Kentucky for Clinton "racist", Clinton is returning the favor.

We suspect that the number of people who oppose Clinton for her views and machinations dwarf the number who oppose her solely on the basis of her gender. But why take away from a good story line?

"Hatred of women more prevalent than racism, claims Hillary"

IN THE historic contest between a black man and a white woman, representing two groups who have never won a presidential nomination, to blame poor results on race or sex is taboo. Last week, for the first time, Hillary Clinton claimed that she faces deeper prejudice than Barack Obama. She was accused of pulling "the gender card" from the slim deck she still holds.

And, is there "trouble brewing for Hillary Clinton in New York"?

The LA Times says, "YES!" Rather, they say, "Black leaders say that if Hillary Rodham Clinton returns as senator, she'll need to heal racial wounds her campaign has inflicted."

Even as she continues her longshot presidential bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton faces a political rift in New York, where black leaders say her standing has dropped due to racially charged comments by her and her husband during the campaign.

African American elected officials and clerics based in New York City say Clinton will need to defuse resentment over the campaign's racial overtones if she returns to New York as U.S. senator.

My my.

Clinton is fighting the same machinery she helped set up to ensure her nomination.

It's enough to make a girl head for the bunker.

by Mondoreb
idea: RidesAPaleHorse
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