Huckabee McCain's Top Choice for VP?

Mike "The Huckster" Huckabee, is at the top of the short list of John McCain's vice presidential candidates. At least according to a top McCain fundraiser.
Economic conservatives are likely to oppose the choice of Huckabee as McCain’s vice presidential candidate, given the populist tone of his campaign and his tax record as governor of Arkansas.

But in his “Capital Commerce” column for U.S. News & World Report, James Pethokoukis points to the fundraiser’s disclosure and cites several factors that could make Huckabee a strong asset for McCain.

For one thing, the former Baptist minister is a great campaigner who could garner support in the South among social conservatives and at the same time appeal to working-class voters in the crucial states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Huckabee would also appeal to many more voters on a “he cares about me” level than millionaire investor and possible vice presidential choice Mitt Romney, especially given all the turmoil on Wall Street this year.

"Me? I'm just hangin' out, waiting for McCain's phone call and waiting for reporters..."

So Mike Huckabee is in the hunt for the vice presidency, huh?

Given the choice between the Huckster and Obama, many will enter the voting booth and pull the lever for Huck.

In some cases, only after they put a clothespin on their nose first.

by Mondoreb
images: Freaking News; buzzflash
Source: Source: Huckabee Tops McCain VP List

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