John Edwards a Busy Guy: VP, Rielle Edwards and Obama

When will the John Edwards Love Child come home to roost?

Rielle Hunter, the ex-campaign worker/video producer, who was impregnated by John Edwards--according to the National Enquirer (and at least one Hunter friend)--has had her baby and is still secluded, by many reports, in North Carolina multi-million dollar home owned by an Edwards backer.

John Edwards, he of the "Two Americas--one that wears condoms, the other that doesn't--is back in the news. First, Edwards came out yesterday and endorsed Barack Obama. In related news, the NY Times reports that Edwards would "consider the role of vice president, and favored the position of attorney general."

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — John Edwards gave his long-awaited endorsement to Senator Barack Obama on Wednesday, bolstering Mr. Obama’s efforts to rally the Democratic Party around his candidacy and offering potential help in his efforts to win over working class white voters in the general election.

“The Democratic voters in America have made their choice, and so have I,” Mr. Edwards told a roaring crowd of more than 12,000 people here in the Van Andel Arena, on a day when Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was trying to capitalize on her victory on Tuesday in West Virginia and convince superdelegates and contributors that she still has a chance to capture the Democratic nomination.

Mark, a commenter at New York Nerd, sounded absolutely like a fortune teller when, back on January 6 2008, he predicted that the MSM, who imposed a blackout on any news concerning the Hunter-Edwards affair, would only become interested in the affair IF Edwards won the Democrat nomination.
John Edwards still has one hurdle to cross. I predict that the MSM will go after the John Edwards - Rielle Hunter love affair story ONLY if he looks to be the nominee.

The MSM would prefer to just ignore any sex scandal of a politician (Democrat, that is), but they may have to cover the story when Ms. Hunter puts John Edwards on the birth certificate as the father. Under some state laws, it’s the birth certificate that counts for child support, if the “birth father” does not contest it.

Might that not still hold true, if Edwards is the VP candidate again?

We'll see.

The Mainstream Media has proved unusually resistant to any and all curiosity where the curiously "coincidental" happenings of the Rielle Hunter-John Edwards story is concerned. Maybe the "Two Americas" Edwards referred to meant the ordinary curiosity that most folks exhibit upon reading about the circumstances surrounding Rielle Hunter and John Edwards--and the Mainstream Media brand of decidedly selective curiosity about all things involving the Democrat Party.

One other item caught our attention in the New York Times report.

Missing from the event was Elizabeth Edwards, Mr. Edwards’s wife, who has been a passionate proponent of universal health care. The Edwardses were said to be split on the endorsement, with Mrs. Edwards said to favor Mrs. Clinton because of her preference for parts of the Clinton health care plan.

Mr. Obama, who accepted Mr. Edwards’s endorsement with praise for the speech and the man, also praised Mrs. Edwards and her commitment to health care. Asked if she would endorse him, he said, “I would not speak for Elizabeth.”

Of course, no MSM curiosity was excited when Elizabeth Edwards, a campaign mainstay, disappeared from public campaign appearances--almost curiously--at about the time the Enquirer story showed a very pregnant Rielle Hunter. Hunter--again curiously--was moved by the Edwards campaign to within five miles of the campaign's headquarters shortly before the story broke.

Edwards, like all canny politicians, might have been down, but never out. Edwards is angling for a second vice presidential slot.
As the campaign proceeds, aides to both men said, Mr. Edwards is sure to be included on a short-list of vice presidential prospects. Mr. Edwards has played down any aspirations for an administration role. In an interview in January, he said he would not accept a vice presidential spot or a Cabinet position. “No, absolutely not,” he said, shaking his head emphatically. But privately, he told aides that he would consider the role of vice president, and favored the position of attorney general.

Edwards, a one-term senator, would not provide much "experience" to the Obama ticket. Senator Obama is currently about in the middle of his first term in the U.S. Senate.

by Mondoreb
images: National Enquirer
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