Disenfranchised Democrats Just Part of the Culture

CULTURE WATCH by Nancy Morgan

"I'll take 'DEMOCRAT and DISENFRANCHISED' for $1000, Alex."

It's official. If you are a Democrat, your vote doesn't count. The Democrat presidential nomination will eventually be decided by superdelegates and the uncommitted superdelegates in Congress overwhelmingly say they won't necessarily back the candidate who wins the most primary delegates. Instead, they will vote based on which candidate will be most electable. Oh, those wacky Dems.

With Hillary appearing dead in the water, the media has had time to focus on more important things, like the climate tour John McCain is planning. And polls on which candidate will be the greenest. (For those of you in government schools, green is codeword for more socialist government.) It was reported that nuclear energy is on the agenda of all three presidential candidates, but I'll be darned if I've heard it from their own mouths.

One thing the liberal media failed to report, again, was a headline in the Washington Times entitled 'Once Secret Memos Question Clinton Honesty.' The timing was incredible, coming as it did on the very day Hillary was counted out. Who knows, it might be possible to actually report on Clinton scandals now. I did my bit. My article this week is 'Open Season On Clinton Scandals?' Before you get too depressed, let's move on to the:


Yet another report is published, this one by the scientists at the National Center For Atmospheric Research, that show the climate models used to predict global warming may have been off a tad. Apparently the Antarctica stats were faulty. Guess we're not gonna melt after all. GIGO.

'Academic Freedom' legislation is advancing in four states. The proposed bills would guarantee both teachers and students the ability to challenge the tenets of Darwinism without fear of reprisal. And here I thought that was already guaranteed under free speech.

Two conservative organizations, run by Floyd Brown and David Bossie, have merged to create two new websites targeting Obama.

A Maryland judge has ruled against Islamic divorce. Muslim men living in Maryland will no longer be able to divorce their wives merely by saying "I divorce thee" three times. How do you say 'community property' in Islam?

Bad news for Democrats, jobless claims posted a sharp decline last week.


The cost of mailing a letter goes up a penny to 42 cents on Monday, the latest in what are expected to be annual price adjustments by the Postal Service.

Speaking of money, eight ships that were supposed to be the latest weapon for stopping terrorists, illegal immigrants and smugglers now float unused in a Coast Guard shipyard. That's a cool $100 million boondoggle.

Another boondoggle in the making: The UN has broken ground on the $1.9 billion renovation of its New York Headquarters. This could put taxpayers on the hook for another few hundred million. If anyone were counting.

Yet another multi-million dollar bill for taxpayers: The militant and extremist Mexican group, 'La Raza' that already gets millions of U.S. federal grant dollars, will be the proud recipient of another multi-million dollar earmark. Courtesy of Barney Frank. Remember him? He ran a cathouse from his DC apartment.

In order to maintain this level of spending, Democrats have decided they need more tax dollars. Senate Democrats last week called for a windfall profits tax on oil companies and a rollback of $17 billion in oil industries tax breaks. No one seems to notice that the government receives more than twice the windfall profits of the evil oil companies, in the form of the gasoline tax. Anyone hear this windfall mentioned?

Massachusetts, desperate for more money, is eyeing the endowments of deep-pocketed (private) colleges in order to bolster the state coffers by more than a billion. In Ohio, the Dept of Taxation has sent out bills to 5,500 buyers of online cigarettes in order to collect unpaid excise taxes. Ouch.

Here's my humble suggestion: How about the IRS finally collect the $1.5 million in overdue taxes and penalties owed by Al Sharpton? Hey, its a start.


On the Today Show, the editor of Newsweek depicted the US as a nation in decline as he declared, "the era of American exceptionalism is over." I'm sure all the liberal viewers got a nice shiver up their legs.

An ever growing number of gay couples are paying surrogate mothers to carry their babies, turning the concept of traditional families on its head. Schools in Minneapolis are now officially indoctrinating students in 91 school districts in the joys of homosexuality. Nary a thought is given to recent report from the EU that actually charts the decline of the family. And the fact that Japan is now the land of disappearing children, a slow-motion demographic catastrophe that is without precedent. You'd think libs actually want to destroy families.


Now you can kick the oil habit and make your own ethanol thanks to the newly developed Micro-Fueler. A word of caution however, the amount of corn it will take to fill your tank could feed a family for one year.

Another cool new gadget is the 'Lifesaver' bottle. It looks just like an ordinary sports water bottle but contains an extremely advanced filtration system that makes water filled with deadly viruses and bacteria completely clean in just seconds. Imagine the applications.

A new idea in mortuary science involves dissolving bodies with lye, in a process called alkaline hydrosis. What a way to go. More ghoulish news as antiwar moonbat group Code Pink is including witchcraft in their desperate attempt to give peace a chance. Latest rally included casting spells and performing rituals 'to impart wisdom' on how to end the war. There may be something to that stuff - I just got a really sharp pain in my gluteus maximus.


A woman has broken the breast implant record. After eight surgeries, she's now a triple F. That's two quarts of silicone for each breast. She's very pleased with her new record.

Tying for first place is the infamous 'pants-suit' judge. He lost a $54 million suit against a dry-cleaners for losing a pair of his pants. He is now suing to get his judgeship back and at least $1 million bucks in damages.

I leave you this week with some food for thought. An excellent, must see video produced by Lorne Baxter entitled 'A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama.'

Till next Monday,

by Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and a news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina, where she writes "Culture Watch" weekly.

Article may be reprinted with attribution. Bio available on request.

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