Man Who Kept Daughter Sex Slave for 24 Yrs: Daughter Helped to Build Prison

More details have emerged in the horrific story of the Austrian man who kept his daughter locked up as a sex-slave for 24 yrs, how she unwittingly helped her father to build the prison of horror that her father sentenced her to. It's also been revealed that some of the children she bore her father were forced to watch him rape her "numerous" times.

The story of Josef Fritzl and his daughter Elisabeth has confounded people across the globe. How Josef Fritzl was able to construct a prison beneath his home, how "no one", not even Fritzl's wife nor numerous tenants who rented flats in their building suspected something was amiss.

Fritzl's plans to change the cellar were approved by the city of Amstetten in 1978. According to the authorities Elisabeth, then a young teenage girl, helped her father build the secret prison she would spend 24 years and bear seven children that were her father's.

Fritzl received a government grant to build the block of secret rooms, a grant that was supposed to be used to build nuclear fallout shelters. The rooms were approved by a visual inspection the year before Elisabeth, at age 19, was drugged, handcuffed, then locked inside the cellar-prison by her father.

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