Interpol Catches up to Child Sex Santa in Newark, New Jersey

Wayne Nelson Corliss nabbed in Newark, New Jersey

Authorities nab an alleged sexual predator two days after Interpol issued a worldwide manhunt to help identity and capture a man seen in photos sexually abusing boys in Southeast Asia.

Fifty eight year old Wayne Nelson Corliss, a two-bit actor who face-painted kids at parties and played Santa Claus, was found residing in Newark, New Jersey.

Interpol had announced the worldwide manhunt after they had found a series of sexually explicit photos of a man sexually molesting boys on a convicted pedophiles' PC in Norway but were unable to come up with his identity.

After Corliss' arrest he purportedly told a prosecutor that the photos were from six years ago in Thailand and that he "described the experience as euphoria".

DBKP wrote in it's original piece, Global Manhunt For Pedophile: Have You Seen This Man?, that Thailand is one of several southeast Asian countries that are popular with sexual predator's who travel there on "Sex Holidays". Unicef estimates that somewhere between 60,000 and 200,000 children are involved in the sick sex trade.

We published the story of Interpol looking to locate and identify the man in the child porn photos on the oft chance that one of our readers may have seen this man or actually know him. The fact that sexually explicit photos of Corliss sexually abusing boys were found on a computer of a sex pervert in Norway reinforces the photo trafficking aspect of these sickos. They trade sex photos and videos like baseball cards, many of them are pictures of themselves raping or molesting children.

Kudos to the authorities for catching this creep.


Source - Chicago Sun Times - Interpol Sex Suspect caught in New Jersey
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