Hillary Clinton: The Crazy Aunt in Attic

Is Hillary about to join the ranks of "The Crazy Aunt in the Attic"?

Is Hillary Clinton about to become the Democrat equivalent to the "crazy aunt in the attic": fondly remembered, but still crazy?

That's the verdict of Politico's James Kotecki.

Hillary Clinton may indeed be the crazy aunt in the attic for the Democrats. A polarizing figure, there are few voters with no opinion of the former first lady.

Clinton is now in the position of an inept card shark: she's having to overcome a deck she stacked against herself. She's not the only one paying the price, however. Democrat voters are now left with the unappetizing choice between a crazy aunt and Barack Obama, a candidate we're assured is a brilliant orator--by the same people scrambling to explain away his latest gaffe.

For the Democrats, it's enough to cause a severe case of voter remorse.

by Mondoreb

image: DBKP


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