Father Who Held Sex-Slave Daughter: "Don't Call Me a Monster!"

If we had no idea who these two were then we might think to ourselves, look at this lovely couple celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2006, perhaps someone's parents or grandparents, they seem so happy. We wouldn't know that the man in the photo was a bonafide monster.

Even Monsters Have Feelings

More photos and details have emerged in the story of the Austrian man who kept his daughter captive as a sex-slave in a secret cellar prison for 24 years, bearing the man seven children while 73-yr-old Josef Fritzl wants everyone to know that he is "no monster".

Fritzl made a statement today via his attorney and stated that if it weren't for him the 19-yr-old Kerstin "wouldn't be alive" and he "made sure she gets to a hospital".

Kerstin remains in an induced coma since being admitted to the hospital April 19, her critical illness a catalyst for the release of her mother and two brothers who shared the dingy cellar prison beneath the Fritzl family home.

There's no word yet as to what caused Kerstin's illness when Josef allowed her mother Elisabeth to carry her daughter upstairs. Elisabeth was then put back into the cellar prison while Josef purportedly took the girl to the hospital.

Fritzl said that he could have "killed them all" and "nothing would have come out of that". He also claimed that "No one would have ever known about it".

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