Youngster's Kite Snagged by Plane

DeAndra Anrig's Kite Flight into History
20 Years Ago, Kite-Flying History was Made

Twenty years ago today, 8-year-old DeAndra Anrig got the ride of her young life and was forever immortalized in the lore of kite-flying.

DeAndra was flying her kite when a low-flying twin-engine plane caught her kite's 200-pound nylon test line and carried her up into the air about 10 feet, over her stunned father's head and almost into a tree before she let go.

Her exciting 100-foot journey left her bruised and sore and grounded the plane, which was damaged by the tangled kite string.

Although her trip by kite was only 100 feet, it probably seemed a lot longer--both to the passenger and to her father.

DeAndra lives in California and was on a picnic with her friends at Shoreline Park about 30 miles south of San Francisco. She and her friends were taking turns flying the glider-style kite when it was snagged by the plane.
''She said it was just a big jerk that lifted her into the air,'' said DeAndra's mother, Debby. ''It carried her right over my husband's head. All he saw was a shadow going over his head. I'm just thankful she let go.''

''We always said, 'Hold on tight. Don't let go, honey,' '' Mrs. Anrig added, recalling the parents' advice to DeAndra on kite-flying.

What did the pilot of the plane do?

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by Mondoreb
image: threebestbeaches
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* DeAndra Anrig's Exciting Kite Flight into History

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