Arab Billionaire's Son "Person of Interest" In UK Murder

Murdered Norwegian Socialite Martine Vik Magnussen

A young Norwegian woman's unsolved murder in London has authorities looking to question the son of one of the most wealthy men in Yemen and also once again raises the issue of extradition between the two countries.

The last time Martine's friends saw the 23-year-old Norwegian she was leaving the ultra-hip club, Maddox, "with a man of Arabic appearance aged in his twenties" around 3 a.m. last Friday. Police are now interested in talking to Farooq Abdulhak, 26, son of Yemen billionaire, Shaher Abdulhak. Magnussen's body was found Sunday under a pile of rubble "in the basement of the Seaford Court apartment block in Fitzrovia, Central London".

Ms. Magnussen suffered "significant injuries" to her neck, further tests will determine the exact cause of death. Police are searching a flat on the Seaford Court that rented for 600 Pounds a week.

Times Online reported anonymous sources reported to NTB, a Norwegian News Agency, that Magnussen and her friends "went out with rich Arab men in London". Magnussen had moved to London last February from Norway. The Times also reported that Magnussen was "friends" with Norway's richest individual, John Fredrikson. Magnussen had joined the London party scene and when she disappeared a close friend issued an appeal on Facebook after she failed to return home Friday night:

What struggles between Yeman, the United States and the United Kingdom have ensued?

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