Yemen Playboy Says He's Innocent in Norwegian Beauty's Death

Yemen Playboy Farooq Abdulhak (Center)

Yemen playboy, Farooq Abdulhak - son of one of Yemen's richest businessmen, insists he's innocent in the murder of Norwegian beauty, Martine Magnussen.

Farooq, safely ensconced in Yemen and out of the reach of the British authorities says he skipped out in his billionaire father's private jet the day before the body of 21-year-old Martine Magnussen was found beneath some rubble in the same block of flats where Farooq had a rental.

Farooq, a business student known as "DP" or Dom Perignon to his friends, confirmed that he did leave the upscale London club Maddox Thursday night at 3 a.m. with Martine and took her to his flat but that she later left and, according to a friend of Farooq's, a mysterious 3rd person is involved.
"They left the nightclub and went back to his home.

"But she left after that. He found out she was missing the next day.

"He panicked and called his father to get him out. Farooq says a third person was involved. His father has hired investigators to find out more."

Farooq's attorney, Mohammed Al-Bakwli, told the Mail that he and his client were frustrated that the British authorities hadn't contacted his client.

"I wish they would contact us. It would be in the best interests of my client. Farooq is not hiding and he is not a fugitive."

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